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The Rough Guide to Kerala

The Rough Guide to Kerala will guide you through India's tropical southwest tip, with reliable information and clearly explained cultural background. Whether you're looking for great places to eat and drink, inspiring accommodation or the most exciting things to see and do, you'll find the solution. Discover Kerala with stunning photography and information on everything from the best beaches and lagoon resorts to treehouse hideaways on tea plantations in the hills. Plus, you'll find extensive coverage of attractions in the region, from the tranquil beaches, backwaters and rice barges to elephant processions, kathakali dance drama and temple festivals. Accurate maps, backed up by full-colour sections showcasing the state's vibrant theatre traditions, make The Rough Guide to Kerala your ultimate travelling companion.

Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Kerala.

Excellent! The Times

Dave Abram is author of several Rough Guides, including Goa, Corsica and the original India in 1993. He's been a specialist in India since the early 1980s.

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2Bad Research, Inaccurate Maps, Good Restaurant Tips
By Jonathan
I'll start off with the good which is the amazing restaurant suggestions. In every city it guided us to hidden little gems that were delicious and that we would never have found otherwise.

That being said, on a few occasions the guide listed activities that flat out didn't exist. In Kochi it described a new mall and how amazing it was, listing it as a "must see" destination for foreigners. Problem was, the mall hadn't opened yet and won't for another six months (as of December 2012). So, the writers of the book never visited the place (unless they have a time machine) and pretended they did. In my opinion doing this even once is completely unacceptable for a travel guide and immediately removes them from consideration for use. Additionally, the suggestions on how to book a backwater cruise were completely misguided. It listed addresses of reputable companies and advised going to their offices to book a tour. Problem was, 4/5 places they listed didn't exist and/or had disconnected phone numbers. The only one that did was over 20 minutes away from Alleppey (the backwater hub). We wasted three hours going to places that didn't exist. We ended up winging it (something the book strongly cautioned against) and it worked out perfectly. Again poor research.

Another mark against them is the completely inaccurate city maps whose only purpose was to confuse us; missing roundabouts and side streets = useless. I do blame them for one fight with my wife because I insisted we were following the map correctly (we were, the map was just wrong).

Overall, in the future I might buy the Rough Guide as a supplement to other guide books but I would never rely solely on it again.

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4Solid guidebook
By S. Bowman
Much better than LP's South India guidebook. It has lots of good info and decent maps. I should note that some of the maps on the kindle version are hard to read though.

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4Good basic reading
By S. Patel
Got this book for a trip. We have good experience with Rough Guide books. This one was pretty good as well.

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