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It's One Thing After Another!: For Better or For Worse

It's One Thing After Another! is the fourth For Better or For Worse treasury, capturing more of the early years of this beloved strip, with annotations and asides by author Lynn Johnston.

 Since its debut in 1979, For Better or For Worse has touched comic strip readers as few cartoons ever do. Lynn Johnston's eye for detail and her uncanny sense of what real parents and children struggle with daily are a big part of her success. The comic strip now appears in 1,550 papers in the U.S. and Canada. Read by people of all ages, the award-winning For Better or For Worse deals honestly with both the light-hearted and the serious, and to many readers, the Pattersons feel like family!

Written recollections, photographs and clippings from her scrapbook reveal exactly how Johnson mines her own life for Every Woman, Every Family humor and then deftly distills it to elicit laughs for people of all ages.  (Florida Times-Union)

 Lynn Johnston was born in Collingwood, Ontario, and grew up in British Columbia. Today, she lives in Corbeil, Ontario. Johnston is the first woman to receive a Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year from the National Cartoonists Society in 1986. She has also received the Order of Canada and claims a star on Canada's Walk of Fame.

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450% of What We Used to Get for 88% of the Price!
By Oldest & Wisest
There is nothing wrong with the content of this book and the 3rd Treasury which preceded it. "For Better or For Worse" is a classic comic strip and Lynn Johnston's comments on what inspired many of the jokes and storylines are well worth paying again to see material that was originally published several decades ago.

However, the complaint is that there is not enough of it for the price you have to pay. The 1st and 2nd Treasuries contained 418 pages each for a list price of $26. The 3rd and 4th Treasuries have 208 pages each and sell for $22. This means that when you buy the newest Treasuries you are now only getting 50% of the material you used to get for a price that is 88% of the old one!

In an introduction to this volume, Lynn makes the ridiculous claim that this is due to the advent of electronic versions of books.
Come on, Lynn! I can see how this might justify the abandonment of the print versions of these collection altogether, but how does it argue for producing smaller but more expensive print editions? This reminds me the early 70s when businesses could justify any kind of price increases by blaming the Arab oil embargo whether there was any actual cause and effect at all!

I think the publisher just decided that the new smaller and more expensive versions of the Treasuries were preferable because they could come out more often and still not get too far ahead of the current re-running of the strips in newspapers and online. And of course, the profit would be higher per book, since the readers would be getting less for their money.

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5All my family love Lynn Johnston's books and we collected most of them
All my family love Lynn Johnston's books and we collected most of them. I was very happy to see them offered on Amazon as I did not see these books at Barnes & Noble bookstores.

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5It's One Thing After Another! For Better or For Worse 4th Treasury
By Bill
I always enjoyed For Better or For Worse when it was in the papers. The 4th Treasury is so much fun to read and so true to life! I recommend it highly.

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