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When Daddy Travels

This special flap book is made for every father who travels on business, and the children who miss them. Lily and George, the loveable little ones in this tale, miss their dad, but lift the flaps and you'll see many ways that Dad keeps in touch.

PreSchool-Grade 1—These delightful lift-the-flap books will be lifesavers for families in which an adult travels for work. With engaging, child-friendly illustrations and simple, clear text, each story begins with a parent leaving on a business trip. "When Mommy goes away for a meeting, Lily and George try to be happy. But they are not." On the next three spreads, the children list the reasons why: "When Mommy is away, she can't help Lily and George get ready for bed" or "When Daddy is away, he can't give Lily and George a bath." Rather than wallow in sadness, however, they reveal something that the missing parent can do to be a part of their children's day (call, send email, etc.) under a large flap. Next, a two-page rebus succinctly illustrates either parent's itinerary, from taking a taxi, catching a plane, and going to a meeting to the reverse trip. Each book concludes with a warm welcome home. Both the format and topic automatically limit the audience, but these are great resources for the right families. The flaps are large (most are nearly the size of the page) and well constructed, making these titles reasonable choices for those libraries that invest in this format.—Piper Nyman, Brookmeade Elementary School, Nashville, TN
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5Excellent book for toddlers, preschoolers, young elementary children
By Lindsay
Great book for families with a "road warrior" Daddy. The children are sad to see Daddy leave, but figure out lots of ways to communicate with him (email, phone calls, reading a homemade book the Daddy wrote, making a calendar of events) and keep busy until his return.

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5Great book for children in commuter families
By L. Khaw
I babysit frequently for a little boy (2 years old) whose father travels overseas for months at a time and then returns for a couple of days. While he's a bright and well-adjusted little guy, I can tell that he does have questions about his dad's absence. I saw this book in the library once and read it to him. Overall, he loved this book and requested to read it multiple times. The picture flaps were a great idea. It helped him understand what Dad does whenever he isn't home such as what he eats, where he sleeps, who he meets, how does he get there, etc. I think children often have questions like these but may not necessarily know how to articulate it. I am appreciative of the fact that this book pays attention to that. One suggestion I'd have is to use this book as companion with a children's atlas or map, and children can physically see where the absent parent is. Overall, this is a great book and has been very helpful for this family.

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3Helpful for young kids with road warrior dads
By A Customer
This book has simple illustrations and a short simple story about a family in which the dad travels. While it may be helpful for some families in which the dad travels frequently it also mentions specifics that might not be true for/work for your family. If you have a road warrior daddy who also works a lot and might not be giving the kids breakfast, taking them to the park, giving them their bath, etc. it might not fit with parental roles in your family. Also if Daddy travels a lot you might not be baking him a cake from scratch to welcome him home.

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