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The Magic Box: When Parents Can't Be There to Tuck

This text is designed for children coming to terms with the absence of parents.

Casey's dad has to go away for a couple of days-AGAIN! Casey hates it that his father has to travel so often. But this time Dad leaves a special gift that will help Casey cope with his absence and future trips as well. This upbeat and delightfully illustrated book contains many valuable tips for families in which a parent is frequently away from home. Also contains a Note to Parents.

Marty Epstein Sederman, M.B.A, M.S., came up with the idea of a "magic box" to help her sons, Casey and Derek, deal with how much they missed their father when he was away on frequent business trips. The idea worked so well that she decided to write a children’s book about it. Ms. Sederman holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as a M.S. in clinical psychology. She lives in New Jersey with her family and is a market research consultant.

Seymour Epstein, Ph.D., is Marty Sederman’s father. Dr. Epstein, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Massachusetts, has a PhD in adult and child clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin. He is published extensively in professional journals and is the author of several books including "Constructive Thinking: The Key To Emotional Intelligence."

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4Help kids stay connected while you're away with Magic Box
By A Customer
"The Magic Box: When Parents Can't Be There To Tuck You In," by Marty Sederman and Seymour Epstein (Magination Press/American Psychological Association, 2003, 32 pages. Ages: 3-7. Paperback,...) When children are faced with a parent's overnight absence, they can be frightened, angry or unhappy. Here's book that shows how families can cope with absences and even have fun with them.
It tells the story of Casey, whose father announces he has to leave town for work again. "Oh no! Don't go!" Casey pleads. Dad explains that although he misses Casey, he simply has to travel sometimes for work. Then he challenges Casey to plan what the two can do together when he's gone. The next day, Mom helps Casey locate where Dad is on a map, and, when he's particularly blue, she surprises Casey with a glittery magic box Dad left for him. The box is filled with hugs and kisses and new markers, the note says. Casey feels much better and decides to make a surprise for Daddy, too.
"The Magic Box" includes a note to parents by clinical psychologist Ann Rasmussen, who explains how temporary absences can actually be positive learning experiences when children find ways to plan for the absence, stay connected to the traveling parent and look forward to the reunion. Such skills, she says, will help kids later in life.
Although the traveling parent in "The Magic Box" is the father, this book may also help families where the mother must be out of town at times for work.
---Sonja Meyer...

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5An excellent book
By A Customer
The Magic Box is a well written book about a mom helping her son deal with the sadness of his dad often being away from home. It is a must read for any family who has a member that travels a lot for work. It lets a child know that is is okay to be sad (and even angry) when his dad is not home. It also offers an excellent solution to help ease that child's pain - to make a magic box filled with hugs and kisses. As my 7 year old said, "the best part about this book is that anyone can make a magic box."

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3A bit too difficult for young children
By C. De Bie
Though the book is well intentioned and provides good ideas of what to do when a parent is away, the text is lengthy and a bit difficult for young children.

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