Sunday, August 16, 2015

Exit Plan

Daniela Rossi believed she married into a fairytale. But things are not always as they seem and her cover of a Cinderella life is blown when her overbearing Italian family discovers the truth about her marriage to Ivan. Against her family’s wishes, she holds fast to her Catholic faith and the belief that marriage is forever, families stay together and the man that now terrorizes her will once again be her Prince Charming. But when his anger extends to her children, Daniela, with the support of her anxiety ridden sister Francesca and an unlikely new friend with secrets of her own, is forced to face her dismal reality and explore her options to escape it. But Ivan is determined to imprison his wife in their marriage leading a desperate Daniela to grasp blind faith in an anonymous source to help her with an exit plan. But can she ensure the safety of her children and her own freedom or will it take divine intervention to save them?

Mason Cook is the author of Exit Plan and Runaway. She lives in beautiful British Columbia with her cyclist husband, three very active kids and their labra-doodle dog. Like her on Facebook (Mason Cook Writer) Follow her on Twitter @masoncookwriter - she follows back.

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By Foxy Bob
This was a nice find among all the Kindle books in here. It is a story about faith, cunning and belief. It isn't a religious story. It does have its plot twists. Overcoming frustration the protagonist finds solutions to her problem. A thoroughly good mystery and all round interesting story.

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5Exit Plan
By jimmyjoco
Since I just got into eReading I began my search for interesting reads and looking for recommendations from others. I received a tip that this was a very interesting book so after I read the first few free chapters I decided I had to purchase this book to read "The Rest of the Story". It was very well written with many descriptive passages which made you want to continue on. I've read other more expensive books which didn't really give you the same feeling. Anyway, if it wasn't for Daniela's faith she would have been out of this abusive relationship with her husband long before the end. The ending came as a sudden turn of events but a satisfying one. I recommend that both husbands and wives should read this book which will provide an insight into some of the things that should not happen in a true relationship.

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5Resolution of dilemma in an abusive relationship
By Margaret Coveny
This first novel of Mason Cooks in e-book format touches on the many aspects of family, church and marital relationships. The main theme of older sister protecting younger sister is one to which many can relate. Also outward appearances aren't always what they seem which is born out by the relationship between other married characters in the settings of Gatineau and Montreal. Certainly the ending has a twist which is unexpected. Throughout the book, even from the very beginning, there is a sense of intrigue, something not being quite right in several of the relationship situations which makes the reader want to keep reading until the unbearable situation is resolved. Can't wait until the next book!

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