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Florence & Tuscany with Kids

***DEAR READER, THIS BOOK WAS PUBLISHED IN 2013. WE HAVE SINCE RELEASED A SECOND AND UPDATED EDITION (2015). IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OUR UPDATED EDITION, PLEASE SEARCH AMAZON FOR: "FLORENCE AND TUSCANY WITH KIDS 2015"*** "Florence & Tuscany with Kids" is not your typical run-of-the-mill travel guide. Rather, it is an indispensable, hugely useful resource for any family travelling to Florence and Tuscany By far the most comprehensive guide available, "Florence & Tuscany with Kids" offers: * Fun and detailed step-by-step itineraries (easy to follow!) * Unique detective missions and kids' corners, filled with fun facts and hilarious stories *The top 5 Activities for Families in all the important Tuscan cities (Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and more!) * Lists of the best family events and activities in Tuscany, such as: water parks, adventure parks, cooking classes to horseback rides, jousting matches and summer carnivals * fascinating details about Italian, art, culture, and history, that will appeal to both children and adults * Insider tips and advice that will save you time and money * Recommendations for great family hotels, B&Bs and restaurants * The best kid-friendly museums and sights

Ariela Bankier, an award-nominated journalist and author, KNOWS Tuscany. After a decade of living in Tuscany, travelling to every corner of this beautiful region and writing extensively about Italian culture, food and art, she decided to use her expertise and write a truly unique travel guide. "I set out to write a guide that would make my readers' lives easier, and their trip as fun and enjoyable as possible", she says. "I feel that if someone buys my guide then it's my responsibility to make sure they get their money's worth", she adds. "That's why I've included things like detailed itineraries, special sections about Italian art and history, time & money saving tips, activities for kids, missions, games, recommendations etc. I am confident that this guide will help any family build a truly marvelous Tuscan vacation!"

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5Excellent book--with or without kids
By Renee D'Antoni
This is an excellent book. For one thing the author actually lives in Tuscany, so she has a deep knowledge of the area and is writing from a local perspective. The content is excellent and educational. My family and I have traveled throughout Tuscany, but just flipping through the book, I've learned a lot of things I didn't know. My daughter (12) can't wait to do the "missions", which are designed to teach Italian art and history in a fun and experiential way. I find many travel guidebooks to be dry, dense, and rather difficult to navigate, but this one is well designed and laid out, so it's a pleasure to read. Highly recommend.

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5Great guidebook
By Linial
This guidebook was a lifesaver on my recent trip to Italy. I'm a seasoned traveler but was traveling with children this time (8 and 10 y/o) and figured a guide would come in handy. The book was not only well written easy to follow, super informative and up-to-date but had great advice for traveling with kids-- what attractions will be sure to be a hit, interesting facts to liven up what may have otherwise been "another boring church/castle/piazza" and activities to fill in the down-time.

I especially appreciated that the book did not try to dumb down this information nor did it treat children as an afterthought or as little tyrants that need only be pacified with gelato at every turn, and in fact many sections in the book are written for the kids themselves (kids' corners). The kids I was traveling with basically grabbed the book from us adults and read it cover-to-cover (well, the kids corners and activities).

In addition to its usefulness in traveling with children the book is also simply an excellent guide, with in-depth information, great itineraries, tips etc. the itineraries were useful, and more importantly, not so rigid that I felt I had to follow them word-for-word. The book covers each site or attraction individually and explains how to get from one to the other. The sections on history, art and Italian food and life were fun, easy to read and enlightening.

Highly recommended.

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5Great guide
By Shai Miriam Levi
We travelled to Tuscany using two guides, and this one was definetly better. It offered features and ideas we couldn't find anywhere else, it was very easy to use, very friendly, and filled with interesting facts (the kids missions and corners were especially good). We really liked the fact that instead of making general suggestions, such as "rent a bike and ride it along the ramparts in Lucca", this guide actually listed places where we could rent a bike, and then listed other activities for families in the area, always providing a number of options. You really got the sense that this guide was written by a local, who knows what she's talking about. The only thing we would recommend is packing a road map too, or a GPS, because the regional maps aren't enough if you plan on navigating the countryside.

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