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Contact: A Dad's Communication From the Other Side With His

What happens to our loved ones when they die? Can we still communicate with them after they’ve breathed their last? A few years ago, Kimberley Bouchard probably would have skirted this question, not believing it likely—but not wanting to eliminate the prospect, either. But now this ordinary wife and mother can testify that contact is, in fact, possible.

After her beloved father passes away, Kimberley faces the slow, grueling path of grief. How could she go back to a normal life with such a heartbreaking void? Pressing on as best she can, she is astounded when she suddenly starts receiving messages from her late father. What began as a deeply personal communication between them is now a source of wisdom and encouragement that she wants to share with others struggling with the weight of grief in their own lives.

Astonishingly hopeful, Contact reveals an unseen reality and illustrates the unbreakable power of love that connects us even beyond death. You can’t escape hardship and loss, but you can overcome it with an unfathomable peace when you realize you haven’t been left behind.

Kimberley Bouchard is an educator, entrepreneur, and author with a bachelor of education from the University of Alberta. Originally from Canada, she now resides in the Seattle area with her husband and their three children. She is passionate about inspiring real-life stories, so if you want to share your own experiences with her for future publication or simply send her a personal note, you can reach her at

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5Filled with hope and love.
By m
In each wonderfully narrated chapter, Kimberly gives us hope and inspiration through her recounting of the communications with her father after his passing. I was engrossed and wanted to hear more stories of how his presence has manifested itself in her life and that of her children. The anecdotes filled me with hope as I view my own parents' ageing and leave me with a sense of peace in knowing I will eventually have to deal with their own passing.

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5Very Moving
By Amazon Customer
Every stage of this book moved me in different way. It brought back memories that made me feel sad, joyful, grateful and wrapped in hope that there is always a way to make amends by saying "I'm sorry", "I miss you" and expressing all our feelings to our loved ones that have already left. There is something special in knowing that there are no last words and that the road never ends - it's just a bridge to cross.

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5Very moving and inspiring
By Chach
A beautifully written book – it feels like Kimberly is at my kitchen table telling me her story. Knowing that we can continue to feel our parents’ presence after they leave is a great source of comfort to me; to step away from a hectic busy schedule and be still and feel their presence is heartwarming. You will want to read more!

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