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Break Into Travel Writing (Teach Yourself)

Getting paid to go on holiday may sound like a great lifestyle. But there's a lot of hard graft involved - particularly, breaking into this industry in the first place. Few industries have changed as rapidly as publishing, and within publishing few areas have changed as rapidly as travel publishing. This book will bring you up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging, social media, magazines, websites, travel guides, and travel books. It provides specific advice for each sector, on how to write and, just as importantly, how to get published. Written by Beth Blair, an American travel writer who has been published in books, magazines, and online, this book is full of practical and inspiring advice that will help you broaden your horizons and turn your travel writing into cash.

Beth Blair is a Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota-based travel and lifestyle writer. Her articles have been featured in Aviation Security International, St. Paul Pioneer Press, AirTran Airways GO, Midwest Meetings, Toastmasters, Savvy.MN,,, Prime Kansas City, HerLife, State Farm's Good Neighbor, Hybrid Mom, Draft, Arizona Star, Tucson Citizen, Tucson Newcomer and Tourist Guide, Arizona Bride, Tucson Bridal, Desert Leaf, Oro Valley/Marana, Association News, Christian Science Monitor, Central Penn Parent, Long Island Mothers Journal,, and  numerous anthologies, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She was named first-place winner in the 2010 Writer's Market "Freelance Success Stories" contest and most recently her blog won Gold in the prestigious 28th annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition (2012).
Beth is a member of SATW (Society of American Travel Writers).

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5A Great Guide for Beginners
By Amazon Customer
If you have the travel bug and want to share your stories with a wide audience but just don't know how to do it, this book was written for you.

No nonsense and not condescending, this handy guide shares the truth about travel writing, from the ground up. It's not easy- but it is rewarding.

Written by Beth Blair, and filled with loads of first had accounts from other travel writers, this little book will lead you in the right direction. Whether you want to begin publishing a travel website or wish to write for print, you'll find helpful tips and real-life experiences. A great guide for beginning travel writers.

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5Want to be a travel writer? This book is a solid investment!
By JetWithComfort
I was delighted Beth wrote this book. She has great advice and practical tips for understanding the ins and outs of the travel writing niche. (I know this because I hired her as a consultant years ago!) Beth is passionate about travel, writing, and helping others achieve their dreams.

It can be overwhelming to figure out the fast-changing travel writing industry. Beth provides in this book practical steps and insight into what works and where to put your energy "breaking into travel writing". I instantly downloaded the book when I heard she had written it. I also paused half-way through to write Beth an email with some initial feedback and gratitude. I just realized I forgot then to post an Amazon review - and so will just copy/paste my email to her:

"Dear Beth,

I am so happy you wrote this book! I have not finished reading it yet, but had to pause to offer you this feedback.

Your guidance is not only practical, but inspirational. New writers (and even those veteran writers who are having to change their focus to stay with the times) will appreciate your concrete steps on where to look for opportunities, what to avoid, and where to focus their energy. When people focus on their niche, their passion, dedication, and enthusiasm will lead them to their dreams. The key is to focus on what aspect of travel they enjoy telling their friends and colleagues about - this is usually a great start. And I loved your tip to start in their backyard - so many overlook that because it doesn't feel like travel to them, but to many it is a "foreign place"!

You worked hard writing this book and pulled in some great quotes - nicely done!"

Does her advice work? Well - look at what she has accomplished! Learn from the experts to avoid wasting time. I appreciate this book for the practical, concrete steps provided to become a sought after travel writer!

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5Useful for a newbie!
By Elizabeth D. Knight
Beth gives practical tips for starting out in this business, from pitching to publications to finding topics and taking family on work trips. She assumes you already know how to write, which I appreciated. Hopefully you do, too, if you're considering this career! The fact that she is located in Minnesota, has a family, and yet has forged a successful career as a travel writer for national and international publications is quite inspiring! She has a friendly, practical writing style and she will make you feel like you can do it (if you work hard).

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