Thursday, August 27, 2015

Parents' Travel Guide - Rome: All you need to know

Family vacations are fun! Both parents and children are excited, and memories from the vacation last for life. But we all know that traveling with kids is never easy, and it is hard to find those fun family moments in between all the challenges and logistics. With Parents’ Travel Guide - Rome, let all your worries about how to travel, and what to do disappear! We provide everything you need to know to pack up your suitcases and see the majestic sights of Rome - with the entire family. This practical guide takes away any surprises traveling with a pack of children may present. Parents’ Travel Guide provides a seven days itinerary that caters to parents and children, including visits to the most important monuments, how to explain their significance to the kids, and how to avoid the long lines—so you don’t have to worry about planning a single moment! Get the most out of your family travel! More from FlyingKids • Kids’ Travel Guide – The Special Series for your kids. Your children will have their very own kid-friendly tour guide, Leonardo. He will give your children fun games, fascinating activities, important tips, and “did you know” information. Kids’ Travel Guide – Cities series: Paris, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more to come. Kids’ Travel Guide – Country series: France, Italy, USA and more to come. • Looking for more tips how to best plan your next family vacation? Looking for ideas how to entertain the kids during the long drive? Would you like to join our forums in various family travels issues? Visit us @

We are a group of parents who have enjoyed traveling all over the world with their kids for many years. A few years ago, we started to share our experience with more parents everywhere. We have gathered many great materials, solutions, and ideas, so we decided to share it with other parents around the world. So, we can’t make hotel reservations for you, but we can definitely help making your next travel more fun, educated, smooth and meaningful, so you will have lots of great family memories for long years. Join us -

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5The Ultimate Traveling Companion Guide
By Emily Roller
Much like the Kids' series, the Parents' Travel Guide is exceptionally helpful in showing parents how to navigate the troubling twists and turns of traveling with children in tow. With useful maps, information to interest the kids, and lots of tips and tricks available, the Guide offers the most exhaustive and complete collection of sights and cultural experiences that no parent or child will want to miss out on. Any vacation can be improved by understanding the how-to of traveling with kids, and this series is one of the best for making that possible.

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5... I must say my husband and I were very happy to have it
By Dana
A friend offered me this book just before we left for a trip to Rome with my 10 years old boy and I must say my husband and I were very happy to have it. Main attractions of the Eternal city and nearby are very nice and efficient structured in daily visits, with great tips for kids to enjoy it as much as parents. Highly recommend!

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5Great parent guide for a family travel
By Anima
I purchased this parents travel guide together with the kids travel guide. As Rome is so reach with places to visit, this guide has been a great help to us when we planned our family trip. The book is full of ideas and useful information that is relevant to the traveling family at a very reasonable price!

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