Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Secret To Getting First Class Upgrades: Enjoy The Pleasures

You can enjoy the full benefits of travelling first class every time without paying a fortune! A great number of travellers are not aware that most airline options can be flexible. By means of an accurate grasp of travel details and a bit of tasteful craftiness you can fly first class anytime ... and still stay well within your budget! The comforts of first class are understandable. Anyone would want to opt to travel first class all the time if only budget constraints are not an obstacle. That's what first class upgrades can offer you --- luxury without the expensive price! This book will help you become cleverly skilled at getting the most out of a superbly luxurious travel. Learn the secrets to finding cheap-priced airline tickets, superb deals on vacation packages, valuable tips to obtain upgrades, skills you can master to guarantee you an upgrade every time you fly. We even give you information on planning your vacation to get the ultimate advantages of a wonderful travel experience.

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2Lots of filler
By BigBrotherAmazon
Too much filler about common sense info on booking a flight which is not directly related to getting an upgrade. The main point seems to be to ask on the ground for an upgrade using various obvious techniques in my opinion, ask once flying if a business seat is available (don't want to give away the big secret for possible reasons)using some obvious reasons. This book was written in 2009 if not earlier and the some of these strategies assume once in flight there are actually empty business or first class seats and is not very realistic since they are almost always filled, given to valued customers before the flight even is fully seated. This is not 1999 post 911. One other advice is to pay for an upgrade. As flights are cut this strategy will make even less sense IMO. In summary just not worth the price...similar save on first or business class are sold on other online sites. Use common sense or ask other frequent flyers and save the money you would pay for the cost of this book. My advice if you are not a frequent flyer is to pick an airline that doesn't give away all it's empty seats to ff but sale empty business seats. I flew from Amsterdam to NYC on the great new business seats (really a bed) for $200 I paid when I checked in. Find an airlines that allow you to do those upgrades. You don't need a book to tell you that...even go to Trip Advisor or like sites for such advice.

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5Luxury travel is a strategy
By Q. Nevarez
I didn't have any idea how to go about this until I read this book! I thought one just waited to be eligible for an upgrade, which for me translated into waiting forever. Anyway, I'm glad this book is here to show me how to earn, ask, even charm my way for it. Detailed tips on upgrading strategies.Great tips too on cheap vacation and airline packages. Talk about taking full advantage of luxury travel!

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4many options for first class upgrades
By Lucy C.
Yes, I am one of those not aware that airline packages are flexible, I didn't appreciate upgrades before because I thought it was cheap to haggle for it. This book helped me understand that I wasn't being cheap if I was truly entitled to it. Thank you for a very concise outline on my many options for first class upgrades.

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