Monday, February 29, 2016

Peter and The Farm House Treasure

Peter and Wade were separated by different decades. And even though they did not know it, what Peter will discover with research of the hidden box and its contents found in the old farmhouse foundation, will connect them both through time. Their relationship will take on even greater meaning as the secrets of the contents become unveiled.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

A Man Who Can See The Future

Intense new mystery thriller - A Man Who Can See The Future by W.J.Lane. My name is Bill and I can see the future. It’s a gift, a curse, and also a career. It’s my day job to read peoples futures and then desperately try and tell them something positive about it. See, people think the future will be a lot better than current evidence would suggest. People think they will be happier, more successful, richer and more content - people think the future holds all the answers and that their dreams will come true someday. I can see the future and this is rarely the case. Then one day I see a bomb site - I see corpses - I see hundreds of innocent people slaughtered in a shopping mall using a huge homemade bomb. I see all of this in the future of Phillip Green; the middle aged, mild mannered, overweight and balding insurance manager. I see all of this but I can’t tell anyone because nobody believes you when you claim to see the future. So it’s left to me, my loyal canine companion, and my on / off again girlfriend to stop him - or at least convince somebody to listen.

William Lane is an exciting young writer from England. Hailing from the eclectic town of Bristol, he has spent many years working as a freelance journalist on various online blogs and magazines, whilst completing many works of fiction. He has also actively pursed various styles of writing in order to hone his craft and gain experience including graphic novels, TV scripts, screenplays and movie and music reviews. At the age of just 28 he published his first novel, A Man Who Can See The Future. He also maintains a regular blog over at, and uses it as an outlet for various ramblings, opinions and promotions. For a few years he was the lead singer and bassist of heavy metal band Circle Sea, and currently lives with his long term girlfriend, their small pet dog and a bearded dragon, in the heart of Bristol.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Man Behind the Uniform

The Man Behind the Uniform does not seek your sympathy. J.C. Hall asks that you simply try to understand that going from death and destruction, violence and confrontation to humor and even boredom will affect the soul, and he endeavors to explain how.
The only heroes in The Man Behind the Uniform are the wives and spouses of the police officers and their children, who are being raised by people trying to be normal parents after spending a shift bathed in someone else's blood, trying to put their two-year-old to bed after carrying another into the morgue only four hours ago.

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The magical art of telling fairy tales: A practical guide

Would you like to be able to tell fairy tales and stories in a way which will delight and thrill your audience? Is it your dream to become a really first-class story-teller? How would you like to be able to take your listeners, young and old alike, on a wonderful journey into the world of make-believe?

Renowned story-teller Barbara Greiner-Burkert explains step by step how to choose the best fairy tales, how to lay the groundwork for performing, and how to present your stories to an audience with maximum enjoyment and minimum stage-fright.

Packed with helpful tips, concrete examples and practical exercises, this guide will show that you too can enchant your listeners with wonderful stories while the logs crackle in the hearth and the full moon shines like silver!

Barbara Greiner-Burkert is a professional story-teller. She first came into contact with the art of telling fairy tales while still a student, and knew immediately that this was what she really wanted to do. She trained to be a story-teller and shortly afterwards opened her own school in Munich. It’s a wonderful feeling for her to be able to share fairy tales and stories with others, and to belong to the growing movement which is making sure that the tradition of oral story-telling doesn’t die out.

Barbara Greiner-Burkert was born in 1972 and lives with her husband and two sons in Munich. She is a professio- nal fairy tale teller and uses tales in her teaching and se- minars, as well as in her work as a therapist.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kicking in Toronto

This is a collection of primarily humorous essays written about the lives of new immigrants in Greater Toronto Area. Some of the essays/stories included are: A Trial for Spider Man The Watermelon Saga An afternoon with Hashem Family A Family Party Porata! Oh Dear Porata! (Tortila) Total Loser and many more.

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Keremeye'us - A Walking Journey Across North America

While caring for his handicapped elderly father, the Author fills the long silences planning for a great walking journey. Requiring a means in which to carry his equipment, he constructs a Rickshaw from scrap metal and used bicycle parts on the floor of the small apartment. When the time comes, the Author sets out on a trans-continental trek from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, pulling all he owns behind him in the Rickshaw. Though epic in its physical and mental accomplishments, the journey is full of laughter and reflection. At first only self interested, the Author soon finds he carries with him the infectious gift of inspiration. Keremeye'us is about simplicity, kindness and most of all it is about freedom in its most basic forms.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Keep Calm and Mother On: 21 Stories from Mothers with

A mother goes through so much. Just when you think you've managed to get the world's most difficult tot to sleep through the night, he starts rejecting the bottle. As they get older, it's not about sleeping or feeding; it's about friends and values. And, how many of us feel like crushing our own skulls when we coach our children in their homework or when we have to force them to practise the piano? And let's not even talk about the dark teenage years, when your once-innocent and carefree babe, who loved to swirl around in pink dresses, now insists on wearing black only. But there's more from babe to teen to young adult to entering National Service and eventually getting married and having children of their own, Keep Calm and Mother On presents the full range of experiences a mother goes through. With contributions from 21 mums with children aged one to 21, some stories are bound to make you laugh out loud, while others may warm your heart and give you much food for thought. Through it all, the call of this book is to 'Keep Calm and Mother On'. They do grow up, and it is all worth it in the end!

Pauline Loh is an award-winning writer with more than 25 years of writing experience. She was a journalist with Singapore Press Holdings, editor of a family magazine and a corporate communications officer. After she resigned from full-time work to care for her three children, she wrote freelance for websites, magazines and corporations. As a book author, she has published 10 adult non-fiction books, two youth books and five children's storybooks. She is the winner of the First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative 2009 and the Scholastic Asian Book Award 2012; her book Grandma's Eightieth Birthday was part of a kit that won Dr Toy's 100 Best Children's Products 2013. Pauline graduated from Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Raffles Junior College and National University of Singapore.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Karmic Rewind: Rewind Revive Re-Live

Book to help you REWIND, REVIVE & RE-LIVE Learn about Uncommon Common Sense Learn about new Concept of Future Probablility Sphere FPS Understand Karma & The Karmic Rewind Change Your Karma to live an Abundant Life. So you can make the change get Motivation with Time for Four Changes

Atam Dhillon, born in India and found home in Australia when I was only 18. making decisions in life was not something that I had practiced until arrived in Australia. I have been medically declared dead for 13 seconds after a drowning incident. My parents only found out a year later. He shares the moments with you and his life after that incident. There were no parents to help me with life from there on. I struggled, Survived and made my way forward in life. Kept struggling through the years and finally recognized the deeper meaning into way of living life. Lived in Sydney for more than 12 years and finally have settled down in a little quieter town and the Capital of Australia, Canberra. A best place I find to live a balanced life. After all the years of hard work, I cracked the code for Living Life for what it is meant to be and refused to participate in the age old believes of working for someone else. I recognized the way to Live life Happily and follow my passion to make living for the rest of my life. I want to share with you the secret and the stratergie I recognised and now will share with you through the medium of this book. Live Life, Don't JUST Live. With all respect I wish you all the success. Atam Dhillon

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Friday, February 19, 2016

A Journey of Awakening

Born in 1932 Ron Farquhar’s life was never going to be easy. A disturbed child, who saw only escape in a life of crime, the result of damage caused by the trauma of a broken home and the consequent horror and danger of being alone. Learning to grow up through the air raids, in the second world war with his younger siblings. Ron soon took the place of surrogate parent within the family, while their mother and her friends cruised the local pubs for company, with his father away in the army. The author holds back little when describing his experiences during those traumatic times as he goes on to tell of his life in the Army, Merchant Navy and time spent in prisons eventually changing to work as a voluntary social worker, prison teacher and meditation instructor.

This a story of triumph over adversity, as the story unfolds with absolute honesty, expressing psychological and physical trauma as a 'career criminal' with eight convictions; he evolves thorough an inspiring effort of personal transformation.

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Jonathan: The Griffin Prince

Jonathan He'klarr, a teenage boy from Colorado, didn't think he had a purpose. His mother was murdered when he was a child and his alcoholic, abusive father is hard to avoid. But under the influence of close friends, Jonathan begins to turn his life around.

However, just when things start to look up for him, his life is torn apart. The school bully is more sinister than he seems. Jonathan finds three mysterious books about a land existing only in the human mind. And a destiny is thrust upon him by a creature symbolic of courage and bravery. A destiny to change his life and save our world from creatures born of nightmares and evil...

Live. Believe. Become.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jo Kelly (Time Travelling Kids)

This title is suitable for ages 7 to 11 years. Jo Kelly's parents, both Oxford Academics, are so busy fussing over her super bright brother who is a chorister in the world famous Magdalen College choir, that they don't realise they are ignoring Jo. How envious they would be?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Immortal Space

Geoff Avery is guarding the morgue as he does most nights when he hears a sound. He pushes aside his fear and finds Trent Saxon. There's just one problem; Trent Saxon died in a horrific crash and had an autopsy performed on him just a few hours earlier. Geoff quickly learns Trent isn't the someone who will die that easily. Follow Trent and Geoff as they embark on an adventure traversing two planets, make friends and enemies, and form a bond that can last several lifetimes.

I grew up in several small towns across the middle of England as I moved a lot when I was younger. Even though being a writer requires you to be imaginative and creative I'd never really considered myself a person like that until I tried. I've spent the majority of my being not just self deprecating, but believing myself when I put myself down. Most English people just stop at being self deprecating. In my late teen years I started a blog which is how I entered the world of writing. At first I just wrote non-fiction and posted about things I had done and theories I had on things. People enjoyed them and encouraged me to write some fiction. I gave it a shot, and things went well from there. I've had some ups and downs since then but overall I'm glad I began writing. I've only given in to peer pressure once and that made me start writing. So that can't be all that bad can it?

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Humour On Wry, With Mustard: 88 Tasty Treats To Feed

Funny tales of everyday life and unusual observations of the world around us: Family, Friends & Neighbours, Living, On the Job, Holidays & Special Occasions, Pleasures & Pastimes, and Off the Wall. This book is guaranteed to cause smiles, chuckles, snorts, guffaws, and even some belly-laughs.

Since February, 2003, Bruce Gravel's light-hearted stories have delighted readers of the Peterborough Examiner newspaper (where earlier versions of most of these tales appeared), the Globe & Mail newspaper (Canada's national paper), Maclean's magazine (Canada's national newsmagazine), and Association magazine, among others. (14 new stories appear here for the first time.) His family-friendly humour is suitable for most ages. His first humour novel, "Inn-Sanity: Diary of an Innkeeper Virgin" will be published soon. He has been President of the Ontario Accommodation Association since 1985, Canada's largest non-profit provincial association specialilzing in innkeepers, headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario. He authored the association's widely-used "Innkeeper's Reference Book", now in its fourth edition. His community volunteer work includes Chairing the charitable Peterborough Public Library Foundation, and writing his bi-weekly humour column for the Examiner. Email him at:

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How to Beat the System: Unravel the Red Tape of

From securing the best school for your child to booking a seat in a trendy new restaurant or legitimately avoiding estate agents' fees and dodging tax bills, this book shows you how to beat the system before the system beats you. Subjects include education, health, tax and banking, travel, and houses and house-buying. Each section contains practical information, explaining the systems themselves and your rights within them using straightforward language, uncluttered by jargon, and bullet-point simplicity. It will explain the loopholes, get-outs, and short cuts, illustrated by the best and the most amusing real-life examples. Most importantly, it will unpick the bureaucratic small print to tell you what the people who run the systems often won't. Also included are all the contact numbers you'll ever need for consumer groups and complaints bodies, a comprehensive, cross-referenced index, and a guide to what to say and what to write when you do confront the system.

( With over 3 millions viewers, Trade Secrets is one of BBC2's most celebrated successes ( Trade Secrets has sold 60,000 copies in HB and PB ( All the advice and hints are from professionals with a lifetime of experience

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Give The Fans Sweet FA

"A funny, passionate and heart-warming tale of one football fan's mission to win respect for the lifeblood of the game" - Brian Reade, The Daily Mirror

Peter Farrell is a passionate football supporter who thinks nothing of spending every last penny on following his team to the end of the earth, until one day, whilst queuing outside an English Premier league ground, he witnesses something he's not supposed to see. He is so incensed by what he considers to be a disrespectful and insulting laugh at the expense of football fans everywhere, he decides it's time for the fans to have a laugh back, unaware that by doing so, his whole life will never be the same again.

In this truly incredible and defining moment, he embarks on an amazing protest by simply refusing to pay into any more matches until football fans are given the respect they deserve. This enormous challenge, filled with highs and lows, tears and laughter carries many daring risks, but he is determined to go through with it as a matter of principle. What unfolds is a remarkable adventure that has to be read to be believed. With no prior experience, nor the faintest idea how to do it, this protest is brilliantly executed. The grim reality is, the tourists are now more welcome than the real fans, as they plan our extinction - let them watch it on TV, they are no longer needed.

This book aims to stop them.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Give It Back

Sal Kramer is thinking of reversing his medical ethics. It tears at his mind. 
The Dressler twins share everything, including a lethal kidney disorder.
When only one survives their flawless transplant operations, the Seattle
pediatrician is devastated. Sal can't understand why Zeke is dead.
Zack can tell him--he claims to be in contact with his twin. His
brother's friend Garth asked him to give his kidney back, Zack explains,
and he did. The four-year-old makes it sound like a minor squabble over
a toy truck. Sal doesn't need another helping of crazy: he's already
stressed from placating a wife who yearns to leave him and his
high-maintenance tomcat. Still, he wonders how Zack could know the
deceased donor's name. Things are peculiar at the hospital, too:
patients who should be dead are not dying. The only other fatality
recorded in recent days is a suicide--yet another recipient unlucky
enough to score one of Garth Blodgett's organs. 
Sal Kramer's lifelong faith in science is soon demolished. While heaven and hell are
infinite, Sal learns, purgatory is not. Pushed to its temporal limit by
the increasing number of souls waiting for their donated organs to die,
the afterlife is locked down like a recalcitrant computer in need of a
reboot. Garth Blodgett is that reboot. Unless Sal helps him find the
rest of his missing parts and soon, no one is going anywhere. 
Give It Back is a chiller--a supernatural horror feast of the machine gone
wrong, far enough off the rails to satiate the worst Luddites lurking
among us. This medical supernatural thriller is packed full of thrills and chills for the discerning reader. 

"A pleasingly creepy premise" -- Publisher's Weekly ABNA 2014 Quarter Finalist review.

Horror is now and always will be my undying love. Arthur Machen and Michael McDowell, as well as less obscure writers like Stephen King, all masters of situational and horrific suspense, are my own personal favorites. I am, myself, not loathe to throw in a bit in a bit of blood and black humor. Check out my blog at if you really want to know how I think.

The Dressler twins share everything, including a lethal kidney disorder. Pediatrician Sal Kramer is devastated when only one boy survives transplant surgery, but he's soon considering the unthinkable. Will Kramer reverse his medical ethics before it's too late? Or will the world become a warehouse for the living dead? Give It Back is a chiller--a supernatural horror feast of the machine gone wrong, far enough off the rails to satiate the worst Luddites lurking among us.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Getting Off at Edge Hill - The Tracks of My

This book is a personal and subjective collection of memories from a middle-aged bloke with too much time on his hand, a scouser conceived, born and raised in the area of Liverpool in the United Kingdom called Edge Hill. The chapters will swerve away from a storyboard time line as common sense would prevail but instead this prose will navigate the reader through my seventies experience dipping into the eighties and back and forth and throughout I will pay tribute to some favoured song titles that I refer to as tracks and some guilty pleasures that informed my childhood. I will recall the many imaginative games I played at home, in the street and beyond, my families struggles and celebrations, my education, some relationships who have crossed my life path and at times crossed me, the wider social and political changes that gripped the country and the cultural distinctions that make the seventies feel so old and dated when compared to now! I hope you enjoy this book.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Fuengirola Teens: Teens Tangle With Time

5 kids from Fuengirola are out riding when one of the horses stepped into a hole. The open ground reveals a door to Roman time and have to face prison by Roman soldiers. They learn to know real fear. A Sorcerer helps them to escape.They saved Callus and meet Trajan , Epictetus, fight villains, free slaves. water with antimatter developed special skills With a Troll they fight a demon, find Gold and make history. But they have their secret door to the Roman times.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Frank R. Stahl has over 35 years of experience as teacher, psychologist and sexologist, he has made thousands of appearances on radio, TV and other media throughout those years, including those around 800 TV programs in different countries and in five different languages. His enormeous succes with his books about TA are now followed by his books about relationships, where he uses humor instead of threats to get the optimal results. After finishing his second book, Drivers licence for parents, which hit the market just a few weeks ago, he now lives in the South of Spain and is working on this series about the Teens from Fuegirola. His 6 children and equally 6 grandchildren help him find the right feeling for his books. After finishing the first book about the Fuengirola Teens, he is now working on the second, Teens against the drug cartel as well as he is outlining the third, The Cave of Anterobis.

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Footprint Wales (Footprint Wales Handbook)

Wales is the latest addition to Footprint's celtic nations. The capital, Cardiff, is undergoing a renaissance and has become a great shopping city with loads of lively bars and restaurants together with the best stadium in the country. But Wales has much more to offer: a fabulous coastline espcially around Pembrokshire; splendid mountains with Snowdonia dominating the north; huge castles reminding the visitor of Wales' turbulant past. Then there are the towns, Victorian Tenby, Britains smallest city at St David's; the Wells towns, spas in Central Wales; and the Italinate Portmeirion. Add to this great wildlife, rugby, music eisteddfods and the Welsh cultural tradition and you have one of the most visited areas of Britain.

"Footprint can be depended on for accurate travel information and for imparting a deep sense of respect for the lands and people they cover." World News"

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fart Book: Blaster! Boomer! Slammer! Popper! Banger!

Let me introduce myself. My name is El Ninjo and I am the master butt whistler because I simply can not resist exposing my family with my expressive face-melting fart clouds! I guarantee, you and your kids will LOL at this funny fart book with more than 20 blasting bean blowing illustrations and booming fart situations. Yes, I am the true master of bottom burping crashes, and I am going to impress you with my creative windy ways. I will not only show you every vapor blowing cloud trick that I have in my inventory, but I will also make sure to show you how to apply each individual gassy butt whistling fart rocket situation to your own benefit! The list of bottom belching and flatulent fart situations goes like this: The Wake Upper Popper The Straight Up Breakfast Table Shot The Flying Carpet The Backpack Burster The Neighbor Detonator The Imaginary Bone Shot Or Fart Expressionism The Lego Blower The Eruption In The Chicken Coop The Hand Stinker The Marshmallow Shooter The Stinky Tsunami The Sand Storm Exploder The Invisible Electric Fence Destroyer The Domino Bomber The Steamy Sweat Blanket Pooper... ...and many more steamy bean blowing fart episodes If you love Fun Stories For Kids: Books For Boys - Dog Humor - Fart Book & Gross Out Book with Cartoons, Fart Trick, Fart Gag & Fart Fantasy Adventures, check out this pant ripping Fart Book series! Purchase my Fart Book right now for your kids and have some fun tonight at bedtime or whenever the situation calls for some hilarious and fun kid stories and pictures. El Ninjo is planning to blow the prize up real soon, so make sure to buy right now! The low introductory prize of $2.99 will soon be raised to $3.99!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Family Today Forum 2013

Did you miss some issues in 2013? Here are the articles that were published on in 2013. Family Today Forum is an e-magazine that launched in October 2011. Family Today Forum is an e-magazine directed toward today’s traditional family, the step family, the single parent family, the dual-income family, and contains articles on how to cope with everyday situations. Family Today Forum contains hot topics and fun for any family. Statistics show there are many single parent families, blended families, and teenagers dealing with everyday situations. The editorial content of the magazine will be educational and informative. Yet Family Today Forum still recognizes that families need to have fun together, which makes this e-magazine a unique publication.

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Escape from the Past: The Kid (book 2)

Time-traveling gamer, Max, embarks on a harrowing journey through the Wild West of 1881! After a huge fight with his parents, Max tries to return to his love and his best friend, Bero, in medieval Germany. Instead he lands in 1881 New Mexico. Struggling to get his bearings and coming to terms with Dr. Stuler’s evil computer game misleading him, he runs into Billy the Kid. To his amazement Billy isn’t at all the ruthless killer history made him out to be. Trouble brews when a dying Warm Springs Apache gives Max a huge gold nugget to help his sister, Ela, escape from Fort Sumner. Shopping for supplies Max attracts the attention of ruthless bandits. Before Max can ask the Kid’s help, he and Ela are forced to embark on a journey to find his imaginary goldmine. This is book 2 in the Escape from the Past trilogy.

"What a fun summer read! The Kid is an artful combination of science fiction and historical fiction that come together in a fantasy that is believable enough that the suspension of disbelief is possible and make the reading truly enjoyable. What a wonderful way to bring history to life, re-imagine the past, and imagine the future all at the same time!" --Patrice W. Hallock, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, Chair, Educator Preparation & Psych-Child Life, Utica College

"Escape from the Past: The Kid is a magical fictional mystery interwoven with historical facts and exciting adventures. The reader experiences the twists and turns of the story while gaining a greater appreciation of the challenges of life in the Wild West during the late 1800's. It's a thoroughly enjoyable experience you will not want to miss."  --Richard Rafes, Ph.D., J.D., former President of East Central University

"As an English teacher of 43 years and as a life-long student of the Wild West and Native Americans, I found Annette Oppenlander's, The Kid, to be an accurate, well-researched and thoroughly entertaining novel for young readers. Ms. Oppenlander has a keen eye for detail, and her ability to create cliffhanging situations of high suspense makes for a great read. I strongly recommend this novel for any imaginative young reader who likes to have one foot in fantasy and one in reality." --Bill Hays, English AP/Honors Teacher, Retired, Bloomington North High School

Growing up in Europe, I have always been fascinated with the Wild West. So when it came time to decide where and when "Max Nerds" may travel into history, the tragic figure of Billy the Kid alias Henry McCarty came to mind. After reading several books about Billy and trying to decide at what time Max should meet him, I learned about Warm Springs Apache Chief Nana who, during the summer of 1881, embarked on a vengeance war against the U.S. Army.

Chief Nana was nearly 80 years old and took a dozen warriors 3,000 miles across New Mexico, never to be caught. Naturally, I wanted Nana in my story.

In the spring of 2015 I spent 10 days crisscrossing New Mexico to travel in the footsteps of my protagonist and the story's main characters. I visited Fort Sumner, Lincoln, Chloride, Silver City, explored the Rio Grande and spent one entire day, driving 48 miles across the Gila wilderness, the former home of the Warm Springs Apaches or Red Paint People.

I hope you'll enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

Annette Oppenlander writes historical fiction for young adults. When she isn’t in front of her computer, she loves indulging her mutt, Mocha, and traveling around the U.S. and Europe to discover amazing histories.

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