Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Fuengirola Teens: Teens Tangle With Time

5 kids from Fuengirola are out riding when one of the horses stepped into a hole. The open ground reveals a door to Roman time and have to face prison by Roman soldiers. They learn to know real fear. A Sorcerer helps them to escape.They saved Callus and meet Trajan , Epictetus, fight villains, free slaves. water with antimatter developed special skills With a Troll they fight a demon, find Gold and make history. But they have their secret door to the Roman times.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Frank R. Stahl has over 35 years of experience as teacher, psychologist and sexologist, he has made thousands of appearances on radio, TV and other media throughout those years, including those around 800 TV programs in different countries and in five different languages. His enormeous succes with his books about TA are now followed by his books about relationships, where he uses humor instead of threats to get the optimal results. After finishing his second book, Drivers licence for parents, which hit the market just a few weeks ago, he now lives in the South of Spain and is working on this series about the Teens from Fuegirola. His 6 children and equally 6 grandchildren help him find the right feeling for his books. After finishing the first book about the Fuengirola Teens, he is now working on the second, Teens against the drug cartel as well as he is outlining the third, The Cave of Anterobis.

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