Friday, February 19, 2016

A Journey of Awakening

Born in 1932 Ron Farquhar’s life was never going to be easy. A disturbed child, who saw only escape in a life of crime, the result of damage caused by the trauma of a broken home and the consequent horror and danger of being alone. Learning to grow up through the air raids, in the second world war with his younger siblings. Ron soon took the place of surrogate parent within the family, while their mother and her friends cruised the local pubs for company, with his father away in the army. The author holds back little when describing his experiences during those traumatic times as he goes on to tell of his life in the Army, Merchant Navy and time spent in prisons eventually changing to work as a voluntary social worker, prison teacher and meditation instructor.

This a story of triumph over adversity, as the story unfolds with absolute honesty, expressing psychological and physical trauma as a 'career criminal' with eight convictions; he evolves thorough an inspiring effort of personal transformation.

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