Friday, February 26, 2016

A Man Who Can See The Future

Intense new mystery thriller - A Man Who Can See The Future by W.J.Lane. My name is Bill and I can see the future. It’s a gift, a curse, and also a career. It’s my day job to read peoples futures and then desperately try and tell them something positive about it. See, people think the future will be a lot better than current evidence would suggest. People think they will be happier, more successful, richer and more content - people think the future holds all the answers and that their dreams will come true someday. I can see the future and this is rarely the case. Then one day I see a bomb site - I see corpses - I see hundreds of innocent people slaughtered in a shopping mall using a huge homemade bomb. I see all of this in the future of Phillip Green; the middle aged, mild mannered, overweight and balding insurance manager. I see all of this but I can’t tell anyone because nobody believes you when you claim to see the future. So it’s left to me, my loyal canine companion, and my on / off again girlfriend to stop him - or at least convince somebody to listen.

William Lane is an exciting young writer from England. Hailing from the eclectic town of Bristol, he has spent many years working as a freelance journalist on various online blogs and magazines, whilst completing many works of fiction. He has also actively pursed various styles of writing in order to hone his craft and gain experience including graphic novels, TV scripts, screenplays and movie and music reviews. At the age of just 28 he published his first novel, A Man Who Can See The Future. He also maintains a regular blog over at, and uses it as an outlet for various ramblings, opinions and promotions. For a few years he was the lead singer and bassist of heavy metal band Circle Sea, and currently lives with his long term girlfriend, their small pet dog and a bearded dragon, in the heart of Bristol.

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