Thursday, February 25, 2016

The magical art of telling fairy tales: A practical guide

Would you like to be able to tell fairy tales and stories in a way which will delight and thrill your audience? Is it your dream to become a really first-class story-teller? How would you like to be able to take your listeners, young and old alike, on a wonderful journey into the world of make-believe?

Renowned story-teller Barbara Greiner-Burkert explains step by step how to choose the best fairy tales, how to lay the groundwork for performing, and how to present your stories to an audience with maximum enjoyment and minimum stage-fright.

Packed with helpful tips, concrete examples and practical exercises, this guide will show that you too can enchant your listeners with wonderful stories while the logs crackle in the hearth and the full moon shines like silver!

Barbara Greiner-Burkert is a professional story-teller. She first came into contact with the art of telling fairy tales while still a student, and knew immediately that this was what she really wanted to do. She trained to be a story-teller and shortly afterwards opened her own school in Munich. It’s a wonderful feeling for her to be able to share fairy tales and stories with others, and to belong to the growing movement which is making sure that the tradition of oral story-telling doesn’t die out.

Barbara Greiner-Burkert was born in 1972 and lives with her husband and two sons in Munich. She is a professio- nal fairy tale teller and uses tales in her teaching and se- minars, as well as in her work as a therapist.

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