Sunday, February 14, 2016

Give The Fans Sweet FA

"A funny, passionate and heart-warming tale of one football fan's mission to win respect for the lifeblood of the game" - Brian Reade, The Daily Mirror

Peter Farrell is a passionate football supporter who thinks nothing of spending every last penny on following his team to the end of the earth, until one day, whilst queuing outside an English Premier league ground, he witnesses something he's not supposed to see. He is so incensed by what he considers to be a disrespectful and insulting laugh at the expense of football fans everywhere, he decides it's time for the fans to have a laugh back, unaware that by doing so, his whole life will never be the same again.

In this truly incredible and defining moment, he embarks on an amazing protest by simply refusing to pay into any more matches until football fans are given the respect they deserve. This enormous challenge, filled with highs and lows, tears and laughter carries many daring risks, but he is determined to go through with it as a matter of principle. What unfolds is a remarkable adventure that has to be read to be believed. With no prior experience, nor the faintest idea how to do it, this protest is brilliantly executed. The grim reality is, the tourists are now more welcome than the real fans, as they plan our extinction - let them watch it on TV, they are no longer needed.

This book aims to stop them.

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