Monday, February 15, 2016

Humour On Wry, With Mustard: 88 Tasty Treats To Feed

Funny tales of everyday life and unusual observations of the world around us: Family, Friends & Neighbours, Living, On the Job, Holidays & Special Occasions, Pleasures & Pastimes, and Off the Wall. This book is guaranteed to cause smiles, chuckles, snorts, guffaws, and even some belly-laughs.

Since February, 2003, Bruce Gravel's light-hearted stories have delighted readers of the Peterborough Examiner newspaper (where earlier versions of most of these tales appeared), the Globe & Mail newspaper (Canada's national paper), Maclean's magazine (Canada's national newsmagazine), and Association magazine, among others. (14 new stories appear here for the first time.) His family-friendly humour is suitable for most ages. His first humour novel, "Inn-Sanity: Diary of an Innkeeper Virgin" will be published soon. He has been President of the Ontario Accommodation Association since 1985, Canada's largest non-profit provincial association specialilzing in innkeepers, headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario. He authored the association's widely-used "Innkeeper's Reference Book", now in its fourth edition. His community volunteer work includes Chairing the charitable Peterborough Public Library Foundation, and writing his bi-weekly humour column for the Examiner. Email him at:

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