Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Immortal Space

Geoff Avery is guarding the morgue as he does most nights when he hears a sound. He pushes aside his fear and finds Trent Saxon. There's just one problem; Trent Saxon died in a horrific crash and had an autopsy performed on him just a few hours earlier. Geoff quickly learns Trent isn't the someone who will die that easily. Follow Trent and Geoff as they embark on an adventure traversing two planets, make friends and enemies, and form a bond that can last several lifetimes.

I grew up in several small towns across the middle of England as I moved a lot when I was younger. Even though being a writer requires you to be imaginative and creative I'd never really considered myself a person like that until I tried. I've spent the majority of my being not just self deprecating, but believing myself when I put myself down. Most English people just stop at being self deprecating. In my late teen years I started a blog which is how I entered the world of writing. At first I just wrote non-fiction and posted about things I had done and theories I had on things. People enjoyed them and encouraged me to write some fiction. I gave it a shot, and things went well from there. I've had some ups and downs since then but overall I'm glad I began writing. I've only given in to peer pressure once and that made me start writing. So that can't be all that bad can it?

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