Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Karmic Rewind: Rewind Revive Re-Live

Book to help you REWIND, REVIVE & RE-LIVE Learn about Uncommon Common Sense Learn about new Concept of Future Probablility Sphere FPS Understand Karma & The Karmic Rewind Change Your Karma to live an Abundant Life. So you can make the change get Motivation with Time for Four Changes

Atam Dhillon, born in India and found home in Australia when I was only 18. making decisions in life was not something that I had practiced until arrived in Australia. I have been medically declared dead for 13 seconds after a drowning incident. My parents only found out a year later. He shares the moments with you and his life after that incident. There were no parents to help me with life from there on. I struggled, Survived and made my way forward in life. Kept struggling through the years and finally recognized the deeper meaning into way of living life. Lived in Sydney for more than 12 years and finally have settled down in a little quieter town and the Capital of Australia, Canberra. A best place I find to live a balanced life. After all the years of hard work, I cracked the code for Living Life for what it is meant to be and refused to participate in the age old believes of working for someone else. I recognized the way to Live life Happily and follow my passion to make living for the rest of my life. I want to share with you the secret and the stratergie I recognised and now will share with you through the medium of this book. Live Life, Don't JUST Live. With all respect I wish you all the success. Atam Dhillon

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