Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Immigrant A Journey of Good Hope

When South Africa ended its policy of racial segregation and peacefully transitioned to a democracy in 1994, Jennie Gungiah was filled with hope and patriotism. As a young teacher who had attended all-Indian segregated schools as a child, she was thrilled to have students of all races in her classroom. - rainbow children who represented the future of her beautiful country. But despite the promising start, South Africa soon had one of the highest crime rates in the world. Stories of brutal killings and carjackings told Jennie and her husband that South Africa held little future for them and their two young children. So they sold their things, packed several suitcases, and moved nearly 8,000 miles away to start a new life in Atlanta, Georgia. In The Immigrant, Jennie recounts the pain of leaving home, the excitement and challenges of beginning a new life in the U.S., and their cultural and educational journey. She takes you through the emotions of emigration and shows you the power of courage, hard work, and hope.

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By Susan Kessell
WOW !! If you haven't bought it and read it, you are truly missing a FANTASTIC READ!! The Immigrant will open your eyes and change you forever. This book is not only inspirational but educational on so many levels. Thank you Jennie for sharing your personal experience for everyone to prosper from.

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5A beautiful story of hard work
By V. Ghirao
A beautiful story of hard work, dedication and perseverance. This story is really inspirational to immigrants from all over the world. Thanks Jenny Gungiah for sharing your story.

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5The Immigrant ... story of Hope
By Amazon Customer
This was a fantastic book which gave a realistic account of the the struggles one might encounter when settling in a new country. Ms Gungiah wrote from the heart.

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