Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dating, Diapers and Denial

‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’ is a novel with a comical view of life from a woman’s perspective – of those years that race past from the age of twenty through to forty. It traverses milestones related to meeting, falling in love, marriage, babies, and growing old. In her debut novel, Rachna Singh is on course to make you smile, chuckle and say, ‘That’s so true!’ ‘Dating, Diapers, and Denial’ is a novel you’d want to read over and over again, to double up at the funny, anecdotal passages and the witty observations. Tongue-in-cheek, with self-aimed pot shots, the innuendoes are clever, and witty. The book moves at a brisk pace, with story-telling that enthrals. As the humour tickles the readers, the sense of ‘relating’ to the instances keeps them riveted to the book. Grab your copy and have a good laugh!

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5Humour unlimited
By Alok
Laughed my gut out when the book was being written and do it every once in a's seriously funny...
The writing style is comical, conversational and very easy read...a stress buster...wish they wrote more of this kind of stuff more often...

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4Cannot-put-it -down: Not recomended with those with broken ribs or pulled stomach muscles
By Amazon Customer
Extremely funny and a lighter look at people who move in into Young adulthood and then on the way into middle age. This is a sequence of Funny (very) anecdotes which link the above phases together.

Rachna seems to have a very keen perception (quite like a cartoonist) in identifying the underlying issue from incidents and putting it in a story with a very Dry/ironic and often Sarcastic humor.

And for the Reader it is a series of Giggles, chortles , chuckles and often large Guffaws !

Highly recommended

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4Extremely Funny
By Rads
In a volley of books by authors who have moved away from the corporate world to writing, this one stands out. Rachna has an easy language and tone that many will identify with and her writing style is particularly rib tickling!
I read this book in almost a single go simply coz I could not put it down. It helps that its a slim book :)
Many women will relate to the sequence of events in the books as well as the everyday banter. All in all, a completely enjoyable book.

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