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London for Families (Family Travel Guides)

A guidebook of London designed specifically for families that proves that travelling with the kids can be fun and fulfilling - and doesn't have to cost the earth! Packed with all the essential information you'll need for a trip to Britain's capital city - whether it's for less than a week or more than a month-London for Families shows you how to "live like a local." Renting a flat, shopping for groceries, mastering public transportation -this unique travel guide will prepare you for any eventuality in London and its environs.

This father-and-son team has written an eminently useful guide for planning a first or even second trip to London. Their book encourages the traveler to have a great time seeing the major sights while living like a native, keeping expenses to a minimum, and avoiding the pitfalls of travel to a new country. The Lains advise on accommodations (an apartment will be cheaper and roomier than many hotel rooms), keeping children occupied on the trip over, pacing yourself, and keeping family quarrels to a minimum. Information on specific hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and restaurants is not included, although details on historic sights, museums, and day trips are ample. Chapters on dealing with daily life (shopping, money, getting around) and the planning section at the back will be of help not only to families but to first-time visitors to London of any age, including college students and seniors. Recommended for all libraries with active travel collections.?Linda M. Kaufmann, Massachusetts Coll. of Liberal Arts Lib., North Adams
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"an eminently useful guide for planning a first or even a second trip to London...of help not only to families but to first time visitors to London of any age, including college students and seniors. Recommended." -Library Journal

"An accessible, well-organized and even friendly guide to a fun and hassle free trip abroad. London for Families is a must-have." -Independent Publisher

"This is a 'must have' for the realities of family travel in London. It's engaging, easy to read, and full of practical advice and money-saving tips." -The Family Paper for North Central Connecticut -- The Family Paper for North Central Connecticut

The authors give a comprehensive survey of all of London's main attractions, both on and off the beaten track tailored to suit a family vacation. The mummies in the British Museum, the delights of Hamley's toyshop in Regent Street, the hands-on experience of the Museum of the Moving Image, all the sights and sounds of the city are covered here. London for Families explores history and pageantry, suggests walking tours to keep the kids enthralled, and even tells you which are the best parks to relax in for a few hours when the shopping and sightseeing get too much for everyone. There are also detailed itineraries for numerous daytrips outside London-from Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon to ancient Stonehenge.

There are chapters on all the crucial practical considerations of a family vacation: getting there, what to bring, money, food, etc. The book's checklists and worksheets will ensure that your planning is as smooth as possible-and that your trip won't cost more than $50 per person per day. And along the way you'll be entertained by the authors' sharp and witty observations on such topics as London cabdrivers, English pubs, and the locals in your new London neighborhood. Finally, a glossary will help you decode the bagaries of British English. This book will be an essential part of all family vacations in London from now on.

Larry Lain is the author of Paris for Families and London for Lovers.

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4Great London Strategy
By Kyle H. Pickford
The Lain's deal with the question of 'London for Families' in the manner that a company would view a potential new venture. What are the positives, negatives, risks, rewards, and ways of maximizing returns? Approaching the problem like any good management consultant, they provide guidance for generally WHAT to do; but are light on how to do it. This book is devoid of references to web sites (even in the 2000 edition), phone numbers, and other ways of actually determining the specifics of HOW to do it, once you decide what to do. And, like any good management consultant, there is some promotion here. Just try and get apartments for the $ they reference and you will die trying (except in off locations, and in off-seasons, which is not well explained in the book). None-the-less, there is no better book I have found for planning the generalities of your trip. And this advice is not trivial; it is both unique and valuable. For example, if not for the admonitions of the Lain's, we never would have considered renting a London flat, and we have been to London many times. That advice alone, not unique to travel books, but forcefully stated like no other on the shelf, paid for the book many times over. Buy this book for strategy; it is well worth the investment. But for tactics, HOW to do what the Lain's advise, rely on other books, (Take the Kids London, Cadogan.... is the best I have found)

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5Everything a parent needs to know!
By Judy
This book is wonderful! It covers everything, including choosing a place to stay (hotel? B&B? apartment?), what to pack, and what to see when you finally get to London. One of my favorite parts is an hour-by-hour list of how to spend your first half a day in London.
There are chapters on favorite family attractions, organized by type (museums, history, theatre, etc.) for your whole family to read. There is even a checklist of these attractions -- every family member can check off their top choices, so that planning the trip becomes a family experience, too.
The authors clearly understand what travelling with children is like - they advise readers to leave time to go to the park, not to overschedule - and even what to do if someone gets lost (one great suggestion: everyone should carry taxi fare and a piece of paper with the address of the hotel). We are planning our first overseas trip with our three children, and I feel so much more capable after reading this book. THANK YOU to Larry and Michael Lain. A must-buy!

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3Close but no British Cigar.
By Holly Bargeron
This book was good for those planning the trip from home. The accomodations advise was wonderful. Once you get to London, though, this book is virtually useless it is so general. For specific details of what to do, where to go, what age group will be best served, and where to eat while in that particular neighborhood, I say get the Cadogan book. I had it in my pocket for 10 days in London with a 9 yr old and we had a blast. Caveat for all books: call the restaurant or event before going. No book can be THAT up to date and a trip off-season or on- to a defunct restaurant can be a real precious time waster. CADOGAN rules.

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