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Lonely Planet Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar

Includes extensive up-to-date political, historical and cultural notes; extensive accommodation and restaurant options for all budgets; helpful advice on getting around, including visa information; helpful tips on what to buy and where to buy it; and a useful Arabic language chapter.

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1Qatar section terribly out of date
I bought this book to prepare for my relocation to Qatar (from Australia).

The book is so out of date it is downright useless. For example, even basic information such as visa requirements is wrong (you *can* get a tourist visa when you turn up at Doha airport). And recommendations about what's on, what's good, what's bad are meaningless - many of the things described don't exist any more or have been superceded.

I was seriously considering sending my book to Lonely Planet and asking for my money back, but it's easier to hop onto the web and complain instead. More useful too!

Having said that, I don't know of any other guides to buy instead. My suggestions are:

If you're planning on moving to Qatar, do. Quality of life here is fantastic, except that outdoor activites are curtailed by the heat most of the year. Recommend you get in contact with someone who lives here for tips.

If you're planning on a holiday to Qatar, don't. There is almost nothing here for tourists, except for 4WD'ing on the dunes which is unique and fun (go for Arabian Adventures, they're the best operator). I would recommend instead Oman (for the scenery and Arabic culture) and Dubai (shopping, astonishing real estate developments)

Back to the book: Completely out of date, and you can pick up the history bits off the net. And I'm just talking about the Qatar section here, no comment on the other two countries (but I would *really* question why you would want to go to them)

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5Great guide, great places, enjoy!
By Martyn Richard Jones
I have spent time in all three countries and can say that this book will be invaluable for first time vistors and seasoned traveller alike.
Bahrain with its charming city of Manama, is a Gulf delight, with so many things to see and do. Qatar and espcially Doha is a gem, and Kuwait is exotic, enchanting and modern all at the same time.
There are some great places to eat in all of these places and at good prices (has anyone had a bad meal in the Gulf?) and gives sound advice for people touring the area on a wide range of subjects.
If you are planning to go to Bahrain I would recommend the Mishal Gardens for a Shisha (apple or mixed fruit hubbly bubbly) and the Diplomat Hotel for its great floor show, amongst many things. Also, don't forget to visit the siouk (old shopping markets and shops including gold and real pearls).
Great book! Great destinations!

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3Useful, but way out of date...
By A Customer
I bought this book for a recent business trip to Qatar, and was dissapointed to find quite a number of things that were very out of date. The phone system has been updated since publishing, and now all numbers are 7 instead of 6 digits. you can fix most by adding a 4 at the beginning of most listed numbers, or a 5 for cell phones. Also, some crucial info, like the address to the US Embassy, was wrong. The Embassy moved several years ago. I found most of the societal and historical info to be very handy in preparing for the trip, however, so it was worth it for that.

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