Friday, January 8, 2016 presents Yearbook 2010

Facts, figures, review, awards and hall of fame of Memphis Wrestling area. The book is the year in review from including photos.

Brian Tramel is the owner and operator of Tramel has been around the wrestling business for the better part of 30 years. He began as a wrestling fan, and then became a journalist, wrestler, manager and promoter. During his stint as a manager, Tramel was known as “Coach BT,” carrying a clipboard as a weapon. The gimmick was a spinoff of John Tolos’ “Coach” gimmick from the early 1990’s in the World Wrestling Federation. Tramel owned and operated a small promotion called Chaotic Championship Wrestling, which held live events throughout the Mid-South during the early part of the new millennium. After selling the promotion, Tramel returned to managing. He ended his active managing career and, in 2006, developed the RasslinRiot website, bringing his involvement in wrestling full circle as his first days physically in wrestling were as a “dirt sheet” writer. The website has grown in popularity, leading to Tramel and Brian Thompson working together on the autobiography of wrestling journeyman Dusty Wolfe, the re-release of Bruno Sammartino’s autobiography, several yearbooks focused on the Mid South and other future projects. Tramel lives in Steele, MO and has three daughters – Kayte , Karly and Beth.

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