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Beating the 24/7: How Business Leaders Achieve a Successful Work/Life

Today's managers and executives are cash rich but time poor. They are increasingly pressured to succeed in their careers but there is growing awareness of the cost this has on their personal lives. Beating the 24/7 takes as its starting point a set of specially commissioned interviews with some of today's most high-profile business leaders - including Richard Branson, Dominic Cadbury, Nicola Horlick, Michael Grade and Baroness Hogg. Exploring the complex, interrelated nature of sacrifice and success, Winston Fletcher draws on their experiences to offer powerful lessons for taking control of your personal agenda. Areas such as delegation, personal values and the role of the partner are examined in detail, and a unique diagnostic tool enables readers to calibrate their own 'Work/Life Ratio'. Beating the 24/7 allows any reader to achieve a good work-life balance and start reaping the benefits.

" insightful, thought-provoking and, above all , an optimistic book..." (Management Today, 2 September 2002) 

"Britain's most well-known business people tell us how they work hard, play hard - and beat the clock" (Independent on Sunday 29 September 2002)

"Fletcher has turned his attention to........the issue that is bothering us all at present" (Campaign 18 October 2002)

“…Read the lively and entertaining Beating the 24/7…2  (Talking Business, November 2002)

"…an absorbing insight into the ways leading business figures achieve fulfilment in their work and home lives…a helpful handbook for every ambitious entrepreneur…should be made compulsory reading for anybody appointed to a position of responsibility…" (The Times Higher Educational Supplement, 15 November 2002)

"…Drawing upon interviews with very successful business leaders…missed family events and missed children…sounds like you, read this book…" (Professional Manager, January 2003)

"… Winston Fletchers's recent book on work-life balance, cont ains interviews with some of the countries leading workaholics…" (The Independent, 18 January 2003)

Book of the week - "…useful reading for agencies that want to implement the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’s best-practice guidelines on work-life balance…" (Marketing, 20 February 2003)

"…an admirable book, a serious and helpful contribution to an important personal and business issue…" (The Reformer, Winter 2003)

‘...wise words from the wealthy…’ (Weekly Telegraph, 18-24 June 2003)

“…This book contains some of the most interesting interviews I’ve read about work-life balance … excellent concept, excellent book….” (Mothers@work, March 2004)

"I loved Beating The 24/7" Shirley Conran (President and Founder of the Work-Life Balance Trust)

The business men and women whose stories are featured in this book are as follows:

Richard Sykes
Dominic Cadbury
Michael Grade
Sarah Hogg
Colin Marshall
George Bull
Christopher Bland
Rosalyn Wilton
Peter Davis
Clive Hollick
Helen Alexander
John Clare
Michael Perry
Nicola Horlick
Richard Branson
Dennis Stevenson

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