Monday, January 18, 2016

Bloid News

These stories aren't ripped from the headlines. They're the stories that make the headlines. Follow cub reporter and bad luck magnet, Thomas Evans as he works alongside the Bloid News team covering the stories mainstream news is afraid to tell. Based on the popular web-based news magazine, Bloid News introduces you to the people who cover the real news while the networks cover the 'official' stories. Meet editor and founder Rick Giernoth, Reporters Ann Snizek, Emily Walker and Thomas Evans as well as the unconventional Sasquatch in a suit, Harry.

Welcome all. Bloid News is the detailed exploits of some of the Bloid News team as we work tirelessly to bring you the news twice a month. I've truly enjoyed putting my friends and co-workers in these fictional situations. I (and they agree) believe that this is a wonderful comedy that you can enjoy time and again. This is a book that I hope you can enjoy with your whole family.

Thomas Evans is a Criminal Justice professional and an avid reader with a vivid imagination. His first books, a group of children's stories, show how his autistic granddaughter sees the world around her. The Hannah books have been well received by readers. Thomas Also contributes to the online satire news magazine, Bloid News, where he writes articles endorsing and supporting fellow authors and their latest works. He currently lives with his wife, two daughters and granddaughter in North Carolina.

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