Friday, January 1, 2016

The Long and Winding Road

According to biblical doctrine, God first created people in the universe with a hierarchy of holy angels, with the highest order being identified as "cherubim" One of them, who was anointed and perhaps the most elitist cherub amongst them, knew he was created beautiful and perfect in his ways. Alternately, with pride and arrogance at the forefront, that same being became the supreme architect and advocate for sin, evil and untold suffering. Henceforth, the diabolical Satan was loosed upon the world. Tragically, from time to time, beauty is in the fabled beast. Handsome man and beautiful women may be pleasing to the eyes and their good looks may even grant them unearned favor but their inner nature is a virtual mystery. They might be evil incarnated. Meanwhile, the not-so attractive individuals are oftentimes ignored and generally devalued, all dependent upon the beholder. But possibly, the inner core of that select person could render him or her almost angelic-like. Life's long and winding road is lined with so-called beautiful and so-called unattractive people. However, through faith and God's grace (and not the naked eye), the lonely traveler may be able to distinguish which is which. And that'll make life's journey worthwhile. All too often, a young man fathers a child and assumes that that, in itself, validates his manhood. Initially, as a new dad, he might even feel that all is right with the new world, and his future looms bright. In many cases, it's a heartfelt euphoria that defies description. However, when the novelty wears off and reality returns, a rather lengthy journey commences. To the mother's credit and merit, she usually accompanies her offspring on life's long and winding road but, far too frequently, the once proud father falters or completely vanishes along the way. Arguably so, it's serious and impactuous tragedy for the mother, the absentee father, the child and sometimes, the world at l

Lionel Barry Harris (AKA" Duke") is a native of urban St. Louis, Missouri. After serving a three-year tour in the United States Army, he constantly pursued writing desires while, simultaneously, engaging in a whole gamut of diverse and interesting jobs. Along with managing a large janitorial service (at the age of 22), he was employed by the federal government, the St. Louis police department, both the Wagner and the Potter Electric companies and most satisfying and enduring, the St. Louis public schools at the high school level. In addition, Harris worked part-time in the G.E.D. educational program, served as department store salesman and drove a St. Louis country school bus for six years. Harris thoroughly enjoys interacting with people and savors many long-time friendship alliances. Married for twenty-eight years and the father of three, he is driven and sustained by an innate philosophy. Regardless of any children's deficient and harsh beginnings, he or she has the ability to turn the tide. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King suggested, advocating that "Dark yesterdays can be transformed into bright tomorrow" Harris both embraces and endorses the parallel when it comes to childhood. His writing endeavors are representative of his long-held beliefs.

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