Sunday, January 31, 2016

Curse of Thieves: Another challenging case for Major Vince Hamilton,

Million dollar motor yachts, high-performance cars, masterpiece paintings and high-value jewellery are being stolen, in a highly professional way, all over Europe. Local police haven’t been able to catch the thieves as the goods are being moved across international borders. As a last resort, the desperate owners turn to Private Investigator Major Vince Hamilton. Can he find out what is going on and who is responsible? His brief; to stop more valuable items going missing and recover the stolen goods. With the assistance of his old pal Chief Inspector Baird of the London police, he establishes that a single syndicate is behind the thefts. Items are being stolen to order for clients in the Arab world, where money is plentiful. The gang members all speak Italian; so could the Mafia be involved? He is up against a sophisticated network that has been created using bribery, corruption and extermination. The gang’s influence extends from England right across Europe to Turkey. Vince seeks help from his Dutch friend, Willem van Grimbergen, and brings into the investigation. Will he be a help or a hindrance? A task force, made up of men from the three services Army, Navy and RAF, is assembled to help the Major tackle the problem. This force must eliminate the syndicate’s headquarters in Marmaris, Turkey. Will these well-trained men be up to the task of wiping out the syndicate and destroying their headquarters? At the end of the operation Major Vince Hamilton is still left with a significant question, does he truly know who was behind the crime and could the network be re-created?’ Another Major Vince Hamilton all action investigation, involving murder and mayhem.

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