Monday, January 11, 2016

Cape York: Far North Queensland (Around the Campfire) (Volume 8)

Cape York is one of the few remaining wilderness regions in the world. It is a challenge, an adventure and a 4x4 wonderland. Join our Author as she explores the region, ventures into the rainforest and heathlands at the northern tip of Australia. It is a wild and wonderful world of crocodiles, carnivorous plants and a wonderland of unique experiences and remote landscapes. With few resources available aside that which you take yourself, camp out with us under the stars and join us around the campfire while we draw you into our tales.

Australian Author, Jan Hawkins, was raised in the Australian bush on the outskirts of Sydney on the Georges River. Now residing in Queensland, she spent 20 years in education at secondary level. Her love of computers pales in comparison to her love of the Australian bush and Jan now has quite a portfolio of photographs. She is passionate about the history of her country and a strong desire to discover and experience new places fuels her desire to travel extensively throughout the land. Along the way she relishes being able to listen to people and to share and enjoy the adventure she calls life.

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