Monday, January 18, 2016

Bloody Affair

“Killing is not dumping, when it’s necessary.” Bellinda. The hot, sexy, tall, slender ”yellow-bone” wearing the most limpid dress, having dinner, drinking the most expensive sparkling wine, believed it. The dumping and killing that had taken so much planning would benefit more people, than it would hurt. These words were uttered by the devil after killing the “player” in Zulu we say “isoka lamanyala” talk about a heartless, devious, scheming soul. If your paths happened to cross, she’ll make sure you’re left with a gigantic tattoo, no doctor will be able to erase. They don’t call her the “devil” for nothing. This is not her first job. Even her siblings don’t disturb her when she’s on-duty. They call her the “detective” who exorcize evil spirits. Show her benjamins (money) and a smile. She’ll be all over you like a heap of bricks.

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