Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Best Loser: Finding a Way Out

Many of us will go through life following a similar path, one that quite often takes us to the same place regardless of our upbringing, background or financial status. Depression can strike at any time in our life, how we deal with it becomes a personal challenge. Some people never defeat it, the way out for them becomes clouded. What started out as one man’s simple list of ten things he liked about himself resulted in the publication of this book. At times a light hearted and sometimes funny outlook on his life before and after leaving the army, a personal self-help book that transformed his life. If you have ever considered writing a book but thought you weren’t important or interesting enough, just one of life’s losers, then this is a must read book. It’s a book any one of us could write, if only to prove that we have a story to tell.

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