Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Strange and Unexpected: Backpack on the Road - Volume One:

“Funny… and many of you know this… given a bit of slack, I’ll wander all over the place when telling a story.” After sharing essays and interviews in Time Just Drifts Away, Bob is back. This time, his unique observation skills and storytelling abilities are on the road, as the Backpack travels in a three volume set to Florida, California and Las Vegas. These days, thanks to the inter-web-thingy, there is plenty of guidance out there if you want it. And yet there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of it as well… because the material available is infinite and much more easily accessed than ever before. Laugh if you wish… the main approach you should take to any of that information is pretty much the same approach as Bob -- always consider the source. There are restaurants some of you love that those taking these trips didn’t know existed back then… still don’t even know exist today… and might not care for even if they could find them. Apply that idea to rides, hotels, shopping and every other part of a vacation and travel. With the Strange and Unexpected series, Bob hits the road with some of his favorite people and travel companions -- especially his wife, Terry. You are invited to join their group… become a part of their travelling gang… share their adventures and experiences… and, hopefully, recognize the different people as they appear in each travel journal and on different trips. Here in Volume One the destination is Florida, where Bob and Terry join up with family and friends on adventures from the Florida Keys to Orlando… dolphin swims to theme parks… Everglade airboats to Key West sunsets. Essays and diaries allow the reader to take part in each trip, while “Best of…” segments and special offerings feature the must-do attractions and other recommendations. Bob has also collected feedback from a total of eighteen different people that focus on their tips, favorite experiences and locations, and thoughts gained from travels that literally have gone around-the-world. Jay Gillen has provided artwork and design features for In My Backpack, and Bob is proud to include some of his work on the cover of this edition. The Strange and Unexpected trilogy contains some material previously published on his noted web site, In My Backpack. (

Bob graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in English. While at school, he began working on the campus ambulance service and also spent several years working in the operating room of a hospital, which developed a basic medical background for him. Naturally, with an English degree and medical experience, the majority of his professional career has been spent in other fields. In March of 2003, Bob brought his writing efforts to the web with his own site, In My Backpack. ( Over the years, the site has included general interest, sports and travel material, specialized writing such as movie reviews, and also has captured the flavors-of-the-day in an on-going journal entry segment. Bob considers himself “a writer with a camera,” though the concept hasn’t prevented him from creating a sizeable portfolio of professional work. On his web site, photo galleries exist for several entertainers, as well as a feature on the touring exhibit of Diana: A Celebration. His photographs have been used by groups such as Legends in Concert. In 2012, Bob released Time Just Drifts Away, a collection of essays and interviews collected from his web site. Born and raised in Rhode Island, Bob currently lives in Connecticut with his wife, Terry, and their two St. Bernards, Molly and Gus.

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