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Trade Secrets: Parenting: Everything You Will Ever Need to Know

One of BBC's conspicuous successes of the last six years has been the ten minute slot called Trade Secrets. Each week seasoned professionals from key occupations give hints and tips developed through a lifetime of doing the job. This completely new book contains over 5,000 hints and tips on bring up children from conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, school, teenagers and, at last packing them off into life. Each series of tips is contributed by an individual who has a lifetime's experience in the subject.

SUNDAY EXPRESS MAGAZINE have so far run two serial instalments. REAL Magazine used TRADE SECRETS: PARENTING in Issue 11, (due to be published on 20th May) for a kids section feature. CHAT are using the book for their weekly tips section featuring tips on how to avoid morning sickness- Summer issues. Annie Ashworth wrote an impressive piece for the TES on the subject of parents' evenings which ran day after publication and Karen Dolby wrote an equally interesting article for HEALTHY magazine on hyperactivity. Radio interviews have been done on BBC Radio 5 Live's Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio WM, BBC Radio Jerseyand BBC Radio Essex. Junior Pregnancy and Baby and Real magazine have reviewed, and there's more to come from Sainsbury's magazine, Parenting, Baby and Junior. 'For a parents' reference book it would be hard to beat TRADE SECRETS:PARENTING by Annie Ashworth, Meg Sanders and Karen Dolby. It gives you tips on just about every aspect of child-raising you can think of.'BELLA 'Essential reading for everyone from first-to fourth-time parents, grandparents, step-parents, foster parents and all those working with children'INDEPENDENT EDUCATION TODAY 'A guide designed not just for first-time parents but for the whole family ... The advice is short and to the point, making it perfect for dipping into at any time, especially for busy parents who don't have time to sit and read for long periods.'BABY & YOU - ADULT BOOK OF THE MONTH 'There ishelp on a massively broad range of topics including tantrums, shaving, guesthouses and even swallowed teeth. So that's the Motherin awasaurus sorted again.'FAMILIES SOUTH EAST 'If you wish that children came with an instruction manual on bringing them up, then you might find enlightenment in Trade Sectrets: Parenting ... This book has a lot to offer grandmothers, too.'THE LADY 'Practical, easy-to-use, and charmingly illustrated, this completely new book contains everything you need to know about the first 18 years of your child's life - from conception to leaving home.'FAMILIES JOURNAL

Katherine Lapworth worked at the BBC for six years as a Producer and Director in both radio and television before launching her own copywriting business. She is also a founder member of Maverick Media the sister company to Maverick Television, established to exploit all the print and video opportunities arising from Maverick's broadcast work.

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4The Title Says It All
By Dora
All the things. This book covers all the things. There is some repetition, and it can be a bit bogged down, but chances are - if you have a question about a life-issue (how do I remove those stubborn stains - what should I look for when purchasing x, y, and/or z), this book has the answer. Nailed it. I've had this book for about a year now and it has proven itself worthy beyond its purchase price.

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3I should have known that most of the information was out of date
By Amazon Customer
Since this was made in England though, it was actually an entertaining read. I didn't find much of use in so far as actual trade secrets though.

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