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Why do some animals eat their young: Travelling With Young

Imagine a family holiday in Africa where you get to camp amongst hungry lions, encounter a clan of hyenas face to face and take nothing but public transport to move through the continent. Then imagine doing it all with two young kids.This book recounts the adventure of a family travelling overland from Kenya to South Africa, with no more than a backpack to call home. The story follows the family's highs and lows as they travelled south:Marvelling at the gnu migration in the Masai Mara; Coping with the dreaded toilet-run in the savannah with a sick child;Riding in a hot-air balloon over the Serengeti; Spending hours on end trying to entertain the kids during the never-ending trips;Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean through millions of little fish;Using a scalpel to cut worms out of a toe while sitting around a campfire in the middle of nowhere;Relaxing in an island paradise in the middle of the Zambezi River with a resident hippo;Coping with the oppressive heat and ever-present dust of Africa.The four months were a real test for the whole family combining joys, stresses and sicknesses that melted together to form a long lasting bond. The story encourages families to take the plunge and travel with their kids, getting to know them and sharing adventures that make family folklore.

Martin Alemann has travelled to many faraway places with his wife Susan over the years. This trip to Africa was their first big adventure with their young children. Martin comes from a long line of writers, but this book is his first.Martin and his wife Susan live in Auckland, New Zealand with their two daughters.

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5A wife's view
By Sue Alemann
Being the wife of the author I am naturally biased in regard to this book. It is an honest, light-hearted account of our very normal family travelling in Africa.
When we were planning our African adventure, we found so little information available to help us, and so the idea for this book was born. If you are planning a long, potentially dangerous trip with your children, I'll bet there aren't many people cheering you on. This book is here to encourage you, and give you information to help you in the planning.
And if you don't have a trip planned, be warned, this book may change your mind.

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3my opinion
By Shelly
I found the 1st part of the book to be rather poorly written but it improved as it went along. The story was sort of interesting but to be honest I wouldn't recommend buying it. Sign it out at the library instead - my local library will be recieving mine as it is not a keeper.

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