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Graphic Fiction For Kids with Comic Illustrations: Graphic Novel Dog

Black & White Illustration Version BONUS - Includes FREE Dog Farts Audio Book for Kids Inside! For a very time limited period you can download a FREE audiobook chapter of this funny dog FART BOOK: Blaster! Boomer! Slammer! Popper, Banger! Your kids will LOL and tear their pants at this funny audio chapter. This is the New & Enhanced Version Of The Famous Fart Book: FART BOOK: Blaster! Boomer! Slammer! Popper, Banger! All illustrations are in full color now + Each chapter includes a narrated audio version of the chapter so that your child can learn by reading and by listening at the same time. This version also includes one new and never before releases fart story that can be characterized as pant ripping because it is so hilarious so make sure to check your pants right after you LOL! Let me introduce myself, I am El Ninjo and I am the master butt-whistler because I simply can not resist exposing my family with my expressive face-melting fart art! I guarantee you and your kids will LOL at this hilarious fart book with these amazing bean blowing color and audio rich illustrations. Yes, I am the true master of bottom-burping disaster and I am going to impress you with my creative bottom belching ways. I will not only show you every stinky fart trick that I have in my collection, but I will also make sure to show you how to apply each individual fart situation for your own benefit! These short moral stories for kids are not only entertaining to read, to look at and to listen to, but they are teaching your kid about all kinds of life lessons the smart and not the annoying way. With this smart dog farts book your kids do not turn into little farting monsters over night, but they become smarter! This is how Einstein would have taught his kids the gravity of farts:) The list of fart situation goes like this: * The Wake Upper Popper * The Straight Up Breakfast Table Shot * The Flying Carpet * The Backpack Burster * The Gasification In The Car * The Neighbour Detonator * The Imaginary Bone Shot Or Fart Expressionism * The Blue Hour In The Elevator (this is a brand new and never before released story. It is included for the first time in this new and enhanced color and audio version of the Fart Book) * The Delivery Boy Truck Detonater * The Stinky Tsunami * The Lego Blower * The Hand Stinker * The Marshmallow Shooter * The Steamy Sweat Blanket Pooper * The Gas Eruption in the Chicken Coop and many more steamy bean blowing farting dog episodes... Purchase my "Fart Book" right now for your kids while this low introductory price is still available. Go ahead...purchase "FART BOOK: Blaster! Boomer! Slammer! Popper, Banger!" right now and download the Audio version that is included inside each chapter of the farting dog book. Each bottom burping story also comes with a beautifully colored illustration so that the fun becomes triple fun with this hilarious dog farts book. Each chapter includes: the hilarious English story in text format, the colored illustration, and the audiobook format. This is the New & Enhanced Version of Volume 1 including Part 1 + Part 2

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By Joy
It's true kids laugh out loud to farts and a darting dog story had them rolling around laughing, and wanted to read it again and again lol

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5Dog Farts
By WorkingMommy
My kids, twin boys of 6 and my little girl, are already big fans of El Ninjo. They read through all his past fart escapades and just kept bugging me every day if there is a new dog fart book up by El Ninjo. This weekend they finally got lucky because this one is the best one ever released. It includes the most hilarious new story that takes place in an escalator in Rome, Italy and the dog is just so farty and witty at the same time. This is a must read for little boys and girls who just love stuff like this but who are also loving the fascinating aspects of it because El Ninjo is just a smart farting dog. He does not just fart for the sake of it, but he does it with style. The whole family loves his new book and the colorful illustrations are just making this book pop and the stories become even more hilarious because the colors are just bringing the stories to life. We are looking forward to listening to the audiobooks that are included in this version, too. We are all thinking what a great deal: text, color and audio! Three times the fun for my kids. My kids are all praying for the series to be continued. Thumbs up for El Ninjo - the smartest farter around the block!

I have to add another review because my kids just asked me to tell the world how funny this gross out book is. It is their favorite book series.

This book is obviously not at all targeted to an adult reader and it would be totally unfair to be judged by an adult since this is not at all an adult book. Everyone who actually reads the book descriptions gets this idea that this is targeted to a kid not an adult!

This books would not even make sense to adults and without seeing this book from the perspective of the eyes of my 6 year olds and their perspective.

So it totally makes sense, my kids totally hated my above explanation about farts and they told me this is stupid Mommy and vice versa adults who are looking at this book probably have the same reaction and say oh boy this is the most stupid thing I have ever seen.

I totally recommend this book to boys in the age group of my boys because this is what boys with 6 like to read about and this is what they think is really funny. A grown up would hate it or review it as stupid and probably would prefer what I wrote about farts from the perspective of an adult.

I do not ask them to understand my world and they do not need me to like or understand there gross out fart world.

I hope that I clarified my point by giving a real writing and working example about farts and the fact that adults prefer the mentally more challenging mental reading experiences and kids like it loud, graphical, colorful and very very fart intensive.

My review is from the perspective of 6 year olds which is the target group of this book and it should only be bought for kids not for adults. Adults should not review this book neither because it is just not fair.

It is like giving a kid a book that is for grown ups and then ask the kid for a review. It would come out like this: "This is the most stupid book that I ever read and I hate it!"

In order to be pleased with your purchase, I only recommend to buy this book for your kids because the like stuff the gross, colorful and graphic way!

My twins hated my fart explanation and they asked me to instead buy them Volume 3 of the fart book so that they could complete their collection. They actually asked me to scan the marketplace daily not to miss any fart book release of El Ninjo.

They prefer to read about farts the gross out way and the El Ninjo way and hate everything that makes too much sense.

I am not judging their educational process and development because I know they are going to turn into boys with manners. I am only happy that they like a fart book series that is gross and exciting on one hand, but what I specifically like about this specific fart book series is that kids still get some cool nuggets to benefit from for their own personal development and growth. El Ninjo always teaches some cool ninja nugget about the benefits of farts and some other interesting facts that are just cool to know for kids.

It somehow makes sense in a naive and kids type of way and they still learn manners in a way that is packaged in a cool and exciting fun way. I am just hoping that El Ninjo comes up with many more funny episodes for new books in his series because this is how I keep them interested in reading and developing their reading and reasoning skills.

I do not know what I would have done without this fart book series. My boy would love just one like that.

Anyways, I can not thank El Ninjo enough for having changed our difficult boys into boys who like reading now and this is all thanks to this awesome book series that my husband even calls the Einstein way of learning because nothing we tried worked before this fart book series.

Thanks El Ninjo for your awesomeness and my boys are fans for life! They really get involved and this is how learning happens with lots of interaction, fun and smart interesting stuff.

This is what this fart book is all about making your kid fun in a fun and hilarious and sometimes gross out way. However, not in a gross out way that is plain stupid where all the annoying fart kid characters do is fart without even making sense and just for the sake of it. El Ninjo is farting, too, but in a way that makes it funny and involving.

I really have to stress that I only recommend this fart book series to kids because they love this type of weird fart stuff. The artistic value of the illustrations is just awesome and totally under prized because usually these types of comic roman books for kids are way more expensive and especially with so much artistic value added to this compilation. The book talks to kids and is written in kid's language that might maybe offend some grown ups and adults so if you are easily offended by gross out stuff this does not mean that the book is bad, it only means that you did not read what this book is about and for whom the book is written.

I do not get these ignorant consumers who just buy whatever they find fun at first sight and without educating themselves about what it really involves and what it does for them. These ignorant buyers or haters or negative people in general then are offended by something that they got out of it.

Our family defends this hilarious fart book series because each book that we have bought gives more value back and the books are under prized. The artistic value that is included in each book is awesome and the highest quality that we have ever experienced in kid books.

People who do not like them either are negative or haters and they obviously have no idea what they bought. It is unfair to leave a review unless you are a kid or a parent who writes the review for the kid because this book is not an adult book.

Read the product description before buying if you are not buying the book for a kid. The artistic value and the colored illustrations are the highest quality and they alone are worth more than the ridiculous prize. I have paid 10 or 20 times the amount of this book series for books that did not include half the quality and amount of illustrations as they are provided in this hilarious fart book series!

Well done and we are all 5 looking forward to see what El Ninjo is getting himself into in the next fart book.

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By pjeanie
I didn't make it thru. It was gross then it was gross boring. I took it off kindle same night. Wouldn't recommend.

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Download Graphic Fiction For Kids with Comic Illustrations: Graphic Novel Dog Farts Book With Comic Pictures (FART BOOK: Blaster! Boomer! Slammer! Popper, ... Audiobook & Black & White Illustrations) Now

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