Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let My Soul Be Heard: Behind Everyface There Are Words

Let My Soul Be Heard is a poetic story about a young mans thoughts throughout a few years. Inspired by the essence of a strong black woman, d_nero aka Darren Moxam has put together a collaboration of Urban Poetry, Short Erotic Stories and sintalating photography courtesy of Rebecca Burt and the the beautiful models who hold no boundaries.

d_nero aka Darren Moxam is an up and coming Author of Urban Poetry and short erotic stories. With high aims and aspirations, after completing his first poetic book, titled Let My Soul Be Heard. He is now concentrating on his first novel

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5Literary Excellence
By Amazon Customer
Darren, in his work, has sliced open emotions like a skilled surgeon with a scalpel, with his tools being ink and pen. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride his poetry took me on. Each piece rang with intelligence, love, pain and heat. I was not disappointed in any but was in fact completely inspired by his gift. He has an incredible ability to blend staunchly real situations with hot erotic sessions and poignant emotion. I had no trouble seeing the pictures he painted and felt I was watching a great mini film each time!! "Let My Soul Be Heard" is a must read! And so, I'm completely sure, will MONSTER be! The tantalizing peek into that will have me simmering on edge until it's release!

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5Darren captures life!
By Sh' Moore
Mr. Moxam has taken the essence of the emotional state of existence and placed it into words that resonate in the reader's heart. After, ingesting much of his poetry and enjoying his photographic expressions, I settled in for a little bit of "grown up lit". Mind Trix made me think that I was in the middle of being explored! Darren's writing raises a woman's heart rate and body a good way! He captures the male's vision of the sexual experience in graphic and realistic detail. I find something new to love in his book daily! What a wonderful collection of thoughts! Superb Darren! Your work makes me smile!

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