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My Journey: the World within My World: The story of

17,000 miles of hitchhiking, 28 countries, 6 continents, 2 years of traveling, 1 courageous nomad! Chris Farrell redefines the word "adventure" with his travels. He has Asperger's yet has lived on farms in New Zealand, built schools in the Dominican Republic, trekked in Ethiopia, sipped tea in Turkey, and bush camped in Australia, just to name a few of his otherworldly experiences. His condition has never hindered him nor prevented him from seeing the world from his own little world. Fancy feeding hyenas in Harar? Hitchhiking in a country that doesn't really exist? Jumping out of an airplane high above New Zealand? Being stuck on an exotic island? Being chased by prostitutes in Central America? Gazing in awe at an icecap that stretches across the horizon? It's all here! Welcome to Chris' world!

Chris Farrell is an experienced traveler on the autism spectrum. Despite his condition he has traveled many places and shuns resorts and conventional methods of travel. He lived abroad in New Zealand for a year and lists the South Pacific as his favorite region. He holds a B.A. in geography and when he's not traveling or planning his next journey, Chris enjoys good food, bicycling, cooking, and the great outdoors.

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5Fantastic Journey , a great book
By RAD Man
I will disclose that I am a friend of the author however Chris's book is about his globe trotting adventures and experiences all over the world. For a young man, he has experienced more cultures that most of us ever will. His enthusiasm shows in every day of his journey and his choice to make the most of life is inspirational.

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4Very inspirational book!
By ladybug
This book makes me want to pack my bags and get out and explore the world.

At the same time it offers an interesting glimpse into the life of someone living with autism and to see the world through his eyes, which I think helps build compassion.

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