Monday, October 5, 2015

Expat Guide: Moscow

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5Moving overseas to work? You need all the help you can get!
By Jennie Swann
Expatriates do ordinary jobs in extraordinary places. Moving yourself and your family anywhere out of your home country needs careful planning and planning a move to Moscow is a particularly bewildering experience considering all the negative publicity Russia and Russians receive. Travel books just don't focus on the things you need to know. Reading a book such as Expat Guide: Moscow makes it so much easier to imagine what lies ahead and remove a lot of the doubt. I wish I'd had a book like this.

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4Must Read before Moving
By Chris Rasmussen
I traveled to and from Moscow and lived in the belly of this Mega City. This book highlighted many known factors, but provided me with enough insight to issues not thought of, that the value is priceless.

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1Out of Date
By Explorer77
This book may have been quite useful once, but it is several years out of date, a significant amount of time for a city that has changed as much over the past decade as Moscow has. At this point it is mostly useless.

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