Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Year on the Streets: A Classic Indictment of Modern

Ten years of working in Soup Kitchens has given the Author a privileged glimpse into another world. It is a world of poverty and degradation, lived out on a daily basis, by people forced to live rough on the streets. Follow him on his daily journey throughout the year, in one of the most deprived towns in England.

Radical Rooney was born and bred on the Falls Road in Belfast. As a teenager he immigrated to England to find work, but initially had to live rough under Clacton Pier, for six months. He went to London and had dozens of different jobs over the years, but eventually went to Israel to spend a year working mostly in a kibbutz. He later spent a similar time working in the United States. Over the years he developed an interest in writing, and in Poetry, and has published 'the Century Collection' This is a comprehensive collection of one hundred poems and haiku, and is readily available. He acquired strong photographic skills and has had exhibitions to his credit. He was a Semi-finalist in the 2010 Hasselblad Masters has also won various awards in this respect, and the German Luftwaffe use his photographs in their training manuals for fighter pilots. He was sponsored by Hampstead Council for an exhibition, and some of the work sold there, now hangs in Japan and America. On U-Tube various strangers have put his poetry to music, or song and one was even turned into a Hymn. He sponsors his own Website, Radical Rooney.com where he showcases his photographs with stories and articles. He holds a Class 'A' Amateur Radio licence, G4PXZ, and has a number of Patents to his credit. He has been a member of 'Mensa' since 2005, and holds an International Press Card. He hopes to publish his third book, "For the Love of Dog" before 2013. This is a devastating story of animal cruelty, written in a typical 'Radical' style, with a very surprising twist.

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A very realistic and interesting review of the street world in UK. The vocabulary is 'worth the read.
I st heartidly recommend

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4A year of being in contact with street dwellers
By ellison
Author's story as he shares daily entries for a year as he volunteers at soup kitchens in a poor town in England. At times heartbreaking and at times laugh-out-loud funny as he shares the depths people go to and their ridiculous behavior. Some swearing. Provides daily weather report. Includes crimes listed in the paper. Some B/W photos, glossary at the end. Engaging read.

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