Thursday, December 17, 2015

From Here To Paternity: The Diary of A Pregnant Man

NEW EDITION with a foreword by the author. Reviews of FROM HERE TO PATERNITY: “If you've just found out you're pregnant, go buy this book today for both yourself and your partner. 5 stars.” “I've worked my way through a few of these dad-to-be books. This by far is the very best.” “One of the best guides we bought. Fab!” “Extremely helpful. This book is a good read and is very funny in parts.” “Brilliant. In addition to being very funny and well-written in a diary format, this book is packed with practical information, useful tips and helps translate much of the medical jargon. Hearing me laugh while reading it, my wife became jealous as she struggled with the textbook-style pregnancy books - in the end she read the book as well and really enjoyed it.” “I loved this book...and when I give it back to my husband, who was reading it, I'm sure he will say the same. I have never laughed out loud or cried out loud with such frequency through one book. The story is so very familiar, but told with such wit that it really is uplifting - so refreshing after months of reading Gina and What to Expect.” “Heart-warming, funny and insightful.” “Realistic, witty and heartfelt. A great read for all dads-to-be. At times it’s hilariously funny.” “Informative and funny. Would deffo recommend for all those first-time dads out there.” “It is a really good book - a diary kept by a pregnant woman's boyfriend throughout her pregnancy - but is very honest and deals with some difficult issues. I'm now at the end of my pregnancy and with the benefit of hindsight I can see that much of what he records in his diary is accurate, frequently funny and probably universal.” “I originally bought this book for my husband, but wound up stealing it when my own pregnancy books got a bit dull. From beginning to end, it charts without apology the intimate ups-and-downs of a modern London couple. Andrew's style is reliable and witty - he makes you feel like they are a couple you've always been friends with. You laugh with their joys...” “I bought this for my fiance. He loves it. It's honest, funny and touching...”

Andrew Cullen is a journalist and a playwright whose work, Self Catering, was made into a BBC film. He received a Thames Television Award for his play Pig's Ear.

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