Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ninja Adventure Book: Ninja Book For Kids with Comic Illustration:

BONUS - Includes FREE Dog Farts Audio Book for Kids Inside! For a very time limited period you can download a FREE audiobook chapter of this funny dog FART BOOK: Ninja Skateboard Farts! Your kids will LOL and tear their pants at this funny audio story. This is the New & Enhanced Version Of The Famous Fart Book: Ninja Skateboard Farts! All illustrations are in full color now + Each chapter includes a narrated audio version of the chapter so that your child can learn by reading and by listening at the same time. Timmie Guzzmann and El Ninjo are on a mission to perform their most effective skateboarding skills powered by Ninja farts. They participate in a skateboarding competition and view it from a Ninja dimension that they call "Farting Around The World". The skateboard competition takes them to the most unique, mystic, epic, famous, mysterious, historic and ancient destinations of the world. They are competing in places like Italy: Rome and Pisa, Greece: Athens, North Africa: Casablanca, China, India, Japan: Tokyo, South America: Rio de Janero, and USA: Miami, Los Angeles. Timmie and El Ninjo are the leading contestants in this adventurous skateboarding competition. You will discover how they are using out of the box thinking in combination with Ninja Farts and Martial Arts in order to beat the competition. Their Ninja Skateboarding Fart discipline is moving them the bottom burping style and powered by spicy beans. They are experiencing the most amazing and adventurous stories as they are farting around the world: * The New Dimension: The World Is My Oyster * Fart Olympics On The Acropolis with Socrates & Plato * Farting with Roman Bean Antipasti Inspired by Stories of The Ancient Rome * Venice: The Ghost Of The Canal & The Gondolas * Parachuting From The Eiffel Tower * Magical Fairy Dust Ninja Farts In Casablanca * The Great Wall Of China & Other Wonders Of The World * The Taj Mahal: The Temple Of Mysteries * Tokyo: Pop Cult & Ninja Farts * The Skyline of LA in 3-D Ninja Fart Reality and many more bottom belching Ninja Skateboard Fart adventures... Timmie takes you through 15 stunning stories of Ninja Skateboarding farts that are all illustrated with colorful comic illustrations. As Timmie, El Ninjo and the rest of the family are travelling around the globe, they are touching the most diverse cultures, and ancient cities with lots of historical heritage. They are also experiencing the most curious and weird dimensions of life like the funny and bizarre pop culture of Tokyo. You will be amazed and stunned by the stories because each destination brings another mysterious thing and challenge to life... Purchase my "Ninja Skateboard Farts" right now for your kids while this low introductory price is still available. Each bottom burping story also comes with a funny illustration that is colored in high quality so that the fun becomes triple fun with looking at the visual and graphic form of the book, reading and listening to the narrated stories. Each of the 15 stories includes: the English story in text format, the colored illustration, and the narrated audiobook format. This is the New & Enhanced Version of Volume 4: Ninja Skateboarding Farts! See you inside...

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Download Ninja Adventure Book: Ninja Book For Kids with Comic Illustration: FART BOOK: Ninja Skateboard Farts (Perfect Ninja Books For Boys - Chapter Books For ... - 10 with Comic Pictures Audiobook with Book) Now

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