Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Going to the Movies in Baltimore 1950s-1970s: An Affectionate Memoir

David Kaye fell in love with movies at an early age and spent much of the next thirty years or so going to movie theaters in and around Baltimore. He recalls the wide variety of theaters that he came to know and love - from the neighbourhood cinemas to the downtown picture palaces to the suburban multiplexes, many of which are now long gone - and some of the more memorable movies and stars that he grew up with. The movies both entertained and influenced him as a young boy in the 1950s, an impressionable teenager in the swinging 1960s, and an adult in the permissive 1970s. This is both a wistful and insightful personal account of that golden age of going to the movies.

David Kaye was born in Baltimore in 1948. He first started to write short stories in elementary school and progressed to writing the scripts for his high school's Christmas plays and annual spring musicals. Having been bitten by the theater bug, he went on to work in several regional repertory theaters as an assistant stage manager, a sometime actor, and the author of workshop productions. Later on, he wrote film and music reviews for the Chesapeake Weekly Review. Since moving to the UK in 1984, he has written plays for BBC Radio, revue skits, and occasional magazine articles. Some of his poems were translated for publication in a Russian poetry magazine. He has recently returned to writing with renewed inspiration producing several novellas as well as a couple of books of personal recollections. He now lives near London with his English wife Diane and their eccentric cat Willow.

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