Saturday, December 19, 2015

Travellers' Health: How to stay healthy abroad

International travel now takes place on an unprecedented scale, both for business and pleasure. With exotic places ever more accessible to everyone, it is increasingly important for travelers to be informed about the health problems they may encounter abroad. Travellers' Health: How to Stay Healthy Abroad provides indispensable advice for all those planning and undertaking journeys anywhere in the world.
This fourth edition is a complete revision and update of this best-selling, comprehensive guide for the educated traveler. New malaria drugs, the latest vaccine information and advice, jet lag, deep vein thrombosis, and even landmines: this book covers every important issue in travel medicine, with the emphasis firmly on self-help and prevention.
Travellers' Health is the leading guide to health problems abroad, and is widely used by doctors, nurses, and above all, by travelers themselves. This new edition brings together state-of-the-art background information and specialist advice from more than 80 leading experts. Travellers' Health is indeed the standard source for all travelers.

'... packed with detailed advice from specialists... It's indispensable and a fascinating read to boot.'"--Business Traveller

'Abroad is the most dangerous place in the world. Eat the wrong food, sleep in the wrong bed (or in the right bed with the wrong person), walk in the wrong jungle, bathe in the wrong sea, or doze on the wrong beach and you're as near as dead. Still, there are people who insist on crossing the water, and for them there is no better book than this.'--The Sunday Times

Dr. Richard Dawood has travelled in more than 80 countries around the world, and remains and obsessive traveller. He is a specialist in Travel Medicine at the Fleet Street Travel Clinic, London, and writes, lectures and broadcasts frequently on travel health issues. Hospital, London. He now runs his own travel clinic in London. He is a frequent writer and broadcaster on travel medicine.

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