Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wasted Years

A great value purchase. As with fine wine will get better with age. This his debut work a selection of short factional stories based on true events. He was born in middle England in the sixties he was educated through the British comprehensive education system through times of change in Britain. Here are some experiences told with real working class language and British humour. Taking you away from your world with great insight into his, it is a curious journey to take for readers of all backgrounds, as it has a heartfelt thread of realism and truth throughout. Life is no dress rehearsal, and when things go bad all we can do is push on forwards, pulling on any good vibration that may come our way. Easier said than done when you hit rock bottom. That said however, things could always be worse. Through drug or alcohol addiction for example, or the realisation that what goes up must come down, the thing is we only learn by making mistakes, the key is not to make a habit of it.

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