Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Location: The Feng Shui GM Screen

Likewise, the sheaf of paper is not just any sheaf of paper. You can bet your grandma’s heart pills on it. It’s a 32-page booklet containing a bunch of locations you can use in your adventures when your imagination flags and you just can’t figure out where to stage the next fight. It’s especially useful when your characters wind up in another fight in a warehouse, apartment building, or back alley and you can’t for the life of you figure out why this warehouse, apartment building, or back alley is any different from the last dozen of them where you staged fights.

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5Best Sheet of Cardboard you'll Every Buy
By C. Tuura
Most GM Screens are heavy on genre inspiring art and light on usefull information. In the pursuit of making the screen look good, they lose space for printing charts. Feng Shui's GM Screen has a nicely computer drawn piece of art that captures the multiple genre's that make up the game. Then turn the screen around and it's a massive collection of charts. No art at all. This is a good thing, because the absense of art allows more charts to be crammed onto the GM's side and that is the point of a GM Screen. Easy access to charts. They up the quality by referencing where the chart comes from. So on the remote chance that you want to slow things down and bicker about a rule, the book and page number is given for every chart. Very handy. It is the most practial GM Screen I've ever seen and compliments the fast paced intensity of FS.

Also included is a small packet, "On Location". This book, like all GM Screen Books is unnecessary, but unlike other books which seem to be a collection of useless NPC's or an obscure rule addition, On Location is handy.

On Location details (you guessed it) Locations. These locations are quickly detailed with quick paragraph blurbs that explain how the location can enhance your game. Each Location is broken into sections:

What it is, Where it's at, Outside, Inside, Why It's in Your Game, Look! I found a..., Cool things that could happen.

This book is so handy you can practically adlib an adventure. Pick a location, and start shooting. My favorite points are "I found a" which details fun items FS characters can find and quickly use to defend themselves (or beat those mooks into a bloody pulp). I also like Cool things that could happen, because they are just so cool! They are essentially a collection of cliche encounters from action movies that everyone knows, but GM's on the fly rarely incorporate into fights. Material like an old lady getting in the way, or pointing out how the fire escape could be used to make a great veritical chase scene.

I give this Screen my highest rating because a screen is suppose to be practical, it's suppose to be useful and I think this is the most useful GM Screen I've ever seen.

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