Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bully Boss

Bully Boss is a positive, inspirational read about facing the challenges related to workplace bullying, manipulation and maltreatment. It is a frank and open account about experiences that are often suppressed and unnoticed. Bully Boss lays bare the severe angish caused by an oppressive boss. At times, the author Helen Christina became bitter and angry but she maintained a gutsy determination to pull through. Bully Boss describes her emotions and experiences and relays the critical lessons she learned on that journey. Bully Boss is written in a conversational and, at times, humourous style. It is ultimately a story of hope and redemption. Bullying occurs in every sector, every profession, every career and at every level. Workplace bullying is endemic, but Helen shows us how an ordinary person, a working mother, made it through her insidious work-related crisis with sheer grit and determination.

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5Helen Christina's Bully Boss
By Hudson Kay Riley
This is a must read book for any professional in the field of Human Resources or Talent Aquisition. It's especially helpful if you or a friend have worked or are working for a bully boss. The Bully Boss validates that violence occurs in the work place. It's extremely difficult to acknowledge someone is bullying you. It's difficult to explain how it begins, who the bully targets and how it effects your life, day to day and long term. Helen Christina takes this prevassive problem and through personal accounts articulates bully behavior.
What a comfort to know you're not alone. I hope you'll buy this book for yourself and someone who could use a little comfort. It's a keeper!!! unless you give it to your boss at your exit interview.

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