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From infancy to midlife his was a constant battle to survive the onslaught of chastisement, mental torture, intimidation, character assassination, bullying, vandalism and deception. Always outnumbered he absorbed everything that could be thrown at him only to eventually suffer a final act of betrayal by those he enlisted to help him.

Harold Salisbury was born in Oldham, Lancashire in 1942. He took early retirement and decided to pen this true story. Today he relaxes and enjoys an exceptional relationship with his second family.

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By R. Milhench
This novel is about the hardships and endurance of a man who at every hurdle turned them into a challenge. Like every story there are good guys and bad guys, the bad guys in this were the the people who where supposed to love and encourage him, his family. Treated as a slave in his own home then thrown out on street with nothing but the clothes he stood in, made me appreciate what I had whilst growing up and how easy I had it. Unbelievably betrayed by his friends, but even more unbelievably betrayed and bullied by his wife and her family. This book is shocking and captivating and makes you angry at an education system that failed him so many times, whilst his network of support at home failed him every time.

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