Saturday, November 28, 2015

Teething Pains: How To Survive Being A Dad

From the author of 'Goodbye, Pert Breasts' comes 'Teething Pains' - the essential guide on surviving the first four years of being a dad! From teething to weaning, nappies to nits, this easy to read guide is packed full of sound advice for new dads, written in Ben's inimitable style and with hilarious illustrations! Learn how to deal with unwanted visitors, tackle temper tantrums and sort out preschool bullies, in the ultimate guide to fatherhood!

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1Couldn't get past the first chapter
By Trigger Happy
I love reading so it's rare that I don't finish a book much less not making it to the second chapter. Being a new dad, I thought I would really enjoy this book. Unfortunately I was mistaken, maybe it gets better later in the book. Just couldn't bring myself to continue reading without falling asleep.

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