Monday, November 23, 2015

Red Surge

Red Surge tells the story of corruption and abuse inflicted on those who have no voice by members of some of society’s most esteemed institutions. Set within a global backdrop that spans parts of rural Canada to some of Europe’s largest cities. While innocence suffers the conspiracy grows. Janice Jones, Inspector in Canada’s Royal Canadian Police, investigates the disappearance of young children from a First Nations Reservation in Canada. The trail leads to a far reaching conspiracy and her search quickly becomes personal as connections between her past and a string of child abductions desperately collide.

Violet Grey is an author, therapist, and educator. Violet has studied psychology, education, and law at various universities across Canada and the United States. She has worked as an adjunct instructor of psychology, written articles on education, and she has built a career as an advocate and therapist for victims of abuse. While managing her professional endeavors Violet also successfully home schooled her children through their high school years.

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5Wonderful Book - Janice is as complex as she is awesome
By sodalover
It's a timely novel. The character of Janice has many layers, and through her strength and challenges the story evolves highlighting many relevant sociopolitical issues facing First Nations people in Canada. This book is a journey, and i hope for more books from this author. Thank you Violet Grey for an amazing read !

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