Friday, November 6, 2015

Take the Kids England, 3rd (Take the Kids - Cadogan)

Kids and traveling become a joyous combination with Cadogan’s landmark, comprehensive and thoroughly entertaining guide to child-friendly England. With unique ideas, top tips and practical travel advice on choosing the best holiday, you’ll have the time of your life. Explore the native country of Winnie-the-Pooh, Peter Pan and Harry Potter and run riot round England’s seaside resorts, theme parks and castles, not to mention the fastest rollercoaster and biggest Ferris wheel in the world. The guide also features a detailed section on London, including spotting the stars at Madame Tussauds and boarding the buses at the London Transport Museum. Extensive, personally reviewed listings of places to stay and eat complete this fun, colorful and incredibly imaginative guide.

‘Everything you need to know’ – The Observer (UK)

‘We tout these guides a lot, we must confess, but we’re suckers for good, humorous writing’
– Book Passage (US)

‘Packed with ideas’ – Junior Magazine (UK)

At last! A grown-up guide to child-friendly England. Fizzing with ideas, this unique, thoroughly researched book tells you all you need to know to make every family outing a thumping success – whether you’re visiting from abroad, planning a special holiday, or just looking for ways of amusing yourself and the kids at the weekend. Joe Fullman and his team of local researchers offer inside advice and tips on all the essential sights, plus a ton of ideas and surprises – from fishing with gnomes at Bradworthy and touring the sewers of Exeter to floating down the River Thames on a ‘frog tour’.

Joseph Fullman is a professional travel writer who has lived in London all his life. He is the author of Cadogan’s take the kids London, take the kids Short Breaks from London and co-author of take the kids Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris. He has also contributed articles to various newspapers, websites and WAP guides.

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2A book for perfect kids (are your kids perfect?)
By F. G. Gates
This is a book for those parents blessed with perfect kids - you know: the ones that sit still, listen, behave, and obey impeccably all the time. The kids which all we folks with 'real' kids envy, or rather, secretly suspect to be drugged by their parents.

I am from the UK originally and I know from 1st hand kid experience that about 50% of these activities would be wholly unsuitable for any kid. Many or most of the others would require a freakishly compliant kid for the parents to escape without busting a blood vessel. As a local it was almost laughable how different my memories were from the author's promises, or how my expectations of an event/activity/place varied from the author's. Needless to say we didn't bother using valuable baggage weight when we went back to the UK.

Expect very few success stories for 'real' kids on 'real' days.

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